Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It's been a rough couple of days here trying to retrieve the disappearing photos from my blog posts. Whew-wee! I found out through internet research that I'm not the only one it's happened to and those hapless individuals were as mystified as myself. 'A glitch in the system' is the best anyone can come up with, but of course they don't use that phrase but a lot of technical mumbo jumbo to say the same thing. The worst part is finding in my albums the original pictures I used. REMEMBERING what I used! I have redone all of April's but know that I didn't always match up the text with the same photos I originally used. In the process of me searching my albums I came across some neat shore scenes and wrote a new post on the spot, so to speak, lol, about roughing it and gale force winds.  Yes, I feel like I have been doing a bit of roughing it here and need a 'good gale' to clear away the frustration of it all.  I have all of the March posts to do yet but,  truth be told,  I  doubt that I will get to them. I have pulled those posts from the blog.  After all,  who would be reading them now- they are old news, especially without pictures, haha.


I have run into a lot of snags and still have a lot to learn and discover about blogging. A less hardy MANIAC, aka Mainer, would throw in the blog by now. Opening up blogger one morning to discover that every post you have written and published so far has had it's photos RIPPED from it's guts! (too dramatic?) is a heart stopping experience. Wondering what had happened, and if there might be some sort of (whisper) virus  in the system. I ran checks and scans. Nope, everything seems to be fine. Well, then, WHAT is GOING ON HERE??  And then the frustrating realization that I had to either forget about blogging or straighten my back and get on with the tedious job of replacing ALL those photos. It hasn't helped that I have been a prolific writer of blog posts in the past four weeks. Who would have thought that I have SUCH a lot to say in so short a period of time! (Everyone who knows me,  that's who.) Slow down, Susan, this isn't a race. (Unless  my computer dies.)  That's IT folks!  In future if you see NO more posts from me, you will know that IT'S happened all over again!  and in my utter DESPAIR (and lacking gale force winds) I killed my computer.
And that, folks, is all she wrote. 
(For today anyway.)

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