Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Elijah or Mavis?
Our neighbor's pet turkey, that's who. Man, is she a corker!! We heard some gobbling outside while we were eating breakfast. We looked out and this huge turkey was checking out the vehicles in our driveway. She decided Roger's truck looked tasty. She pecked away at it like it was a hard boiled egg. Roger went out to see if he could shoo her away but she just ran around the other side and started to peck on it. Then he took off his hat and waved it in the air. It all happened so fast that by the time I went in the house to get my camera I only managed to snap this picture before she was off and running, a blurry apparition, across the neighbor's field. I took a bunch of pics but they all came out blurry.  It didn't take long for her to disappear. I'm not sure where she lives. Roger knew of her owner and said she escapes over the fence occasionally. Hmmm, she better not get loose during turkey hunting season! We live in a large development with no hunting laws but if someone with a gun just happened to see a turkey loose...just saying.
You notice that I call her "she" but I have no idea what gender she is, lol. I am not a farm girl nor am I a hunter not do I usually see turkeys either tame or in the wild.  I would call "him" Elijah if he were my pet. Or, if a her, Mavis. I love naming pets even if they aren't my own. I sort of hope she drops by for breakfast again. I'm sure I could find her something more palatable than Roger's truck! Maybe some deer corn. But, then again, maybe it wouldn't do to encourage Elijah or Mavis to come visiting. If she should show up unexpectedly when I was outside with the "little people" (dogs and cats)it could turn tragic with those claws and beak of hers.   She might decide to terrorize the cats or the 2 little dogs might decide to chase her or she might decide to counter attack.  All kinds of disastrous scenarios are playing out in my imagination. It doesn't take long for little encounters to turn ugly...


 Nope, it was bad enough when our Belgian Tervuren, Mysti, (then a young dog)  was let loose some years ago by a 2 year old grandson. He opened the door to go out and she went with him.  She ran away and before we could find her she was seen chasing a herd of deer down a busy road. People were calling asking if it was our dog. We looked in the house and sure enough, no Mysti. After she tired of that lark she decided to visit with the neighbors. She had her collar on with all the pertinent info and she is very sociable. We continued to get calls and we tried to get them to hold her until we got there but she knew she was in trouble and managed to evade capture.
 She visited a backyard not far from here where a lady raised guinea hens and she killed one of them! Well, well, well, what a disaster. She finally dragged herself home with her tongue dragging on the ground (not really that bad),
 totally a mess from running through the briars and 
prickle bushes.  We had the police at our door before you could say "Jack"  and it took some fast talking, apologizing, groveling, a large fine, restitution and the promise of it never ever happening again for us to be able to keep our beloved pet.....
 No, I cannot see myself getting too cozy with that turkey.

Have a great day!

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