Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Easter bunny will be coming to our house this year but I sure hope it doesn't rain. It seems that in the past it has been no fun  for either kids or adults because it's either raining, has been raining or is cold and miserable. My idea of having a good egg hunting day for these 2 or 3 if you count the grand-dog, is to have lots of eggs, chocolate bunnies, balloons to chase and break  and a picnic later after all the excitement has calmed down.

Josh, age 6. Logan, age 10. Sweetheart, age ?.

In the meantime Roger has been extremely busy around here
 trying to clear away the fallen trees and making the property safe for 2 active boys. I'm getting out the swords, bats and balls, and other paraphernalia that will hopefully keep them happy because I think they might be doing a sleep over for a few days while they are off from school.

I made the mistake a while back of saying that it's a shame that one of our riding lawn mowers is no longer in working condition or I would help this summer with the grass cutting. We have lots of grass that needs to be mowed every week. Roger works in the warm months helping my son with his swimming pool business. They keep pretty busy. His tractor is too complicated for me. It has a gathering extension that collects grass and leaves that is like hauling a wagon around behind the tractor. When it gets full it has to be emptied into compost bins.
 So, he came home the other day very pleased with himself. He wanted me to go outside to see my new vehicle!!! I guess you know where this is going but I did NOT! I was foolish enough to have actually BELIEVED that he had a new car sitting in the driveway.  I had totally forgotten our conversation about riding lawn mowers. So, with heart pounding and a huge grin on my face I agreed to close my eyes and we went outside. It should have been April 1st because the joke really was on me. Ha-ha. I am now the proud owner of - TA-DA- drum roll-

My very own riding lawnmower. I've decided to call it "Dissy" short for dissy-pointment. Roger was so proud that he had given me something that I really wanted. So I said things like "oh, WHAT a surprise" and "I just LOVE the color" and "a CONVERTIBLE even",  "can I go for a test drive?" 

 It seems to me that I was the one giving HIM the gift. I will be spending a couple of hours each week sweating in the heat and humidity not to mention NUMBING MY CHEEKS ON THAT TRACTOR SEAT so that he can head for the lake with his boat and new motor. Oh, well, I'm sure that Dissy and I will bond once we've spent some time together.

May you have peace in your heart today !               
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