Saturday, April 5, 2014


BLOOMING is an interesting word for this time of year-don't you agree? Everywhere we look outside our windows, doors

 and on our comings and goings there's new life bursting through, out and up!  I love to go poking around and exclaim to whoever will listen the wonder of it all, the beauty that will soon manifest itself out of the small shoots and closed buds. The colors! Oh, my, the colors that will soon be painted on our Spring canvas.

We lost a lot of our dogwoods to bad storms and the hurricane, Sandy, in the recent past.

All of these dogwoods were uprooted and destroyed.

Our property seemed to take direct hits from the heavy snow and winds and rain while our neighbors suffered minor or no damage at all. We have lost at least 12 full grown magnificent trees. About 5 dogwoods and many of them huge pines that have been around close to a hundred years or more. Thankfully we still have our Magnolia trees. This is a picture from last year.

THE GRANDS have had fun through the years with the tire swing and I have enjoyed sitting in one of the chairs trying to organize my thoughts and my day. So tranquil unless! I happen to have the dogs with me. That Lucy! Never a dull moment and she has selective hearing. (It's a shame Roger also thinks that it is a good spot to keep his plow!)


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