Sunday, April 6, 2014


Man, another breezy cool and damp day. Roger has been busy uncovering the strawberry patch from the leaves we dumped on it last Fall. I have been trying for years to develop a patch of big juicy and sweet Strawberries. My first attempt was doomed from the getgo. Squirrels! The next year I tried fencing with a net over the new plants. A big ole groundhog dug his home under the patch. He was able to picnic on strawberry buds in his own back yard. The next year  I went with hanging baskets inside the fenced in dog yard. I had to get up very early in the morning to beat the birds to the berries- not a very large yield either in the first year of strawberry growing. They don't start to really produce until the 2nd and 3rd years. So, anyway, out of the hanging baskets they came and into a raised bed.  A little better luck. I was able to glean about a cereal bowl of edible berries. Last year I thinned out the overgrowth and planted it in a fenced in area inside  the fenced in yard. I am expecting more strawberries this year!!! Please! I've waited long enough! You can be sure I will be posting pictures of any positive developments. If this doesn't work I'm not sure what my next step will be. Probably going to a strawberry farm. I've done that in the past but it's back breaking and can get very hot and humid around here in June.


Roger is not big on yard work. He whistles and sings and acts happy but in his mind he is thinking of an escape plan.  Most of the time that has to do with the Lake at this time of year. As soon as the weather turns mild he has one thing on his mind.

(Don't know what's going on with blogger lately, pictures are disappearing from my blog posts!)

We have a large lake not far from our house. He can hook one of his boats up to his truck and be there in 20 minutes. 
Believe it or not, he doesn't fish. Just goes up and down the Lake. I used to go along but I'm too used to the ocean and became bored after so many lake trips. We did have diversions.... like forgetting to put the plug in the boat,  or breakdowns in the middle of the Lake and having to paddle back to the boat launch or sinking his canoe and having to swim to shore. Oh yes, I do have lasting memories of boating with Roger! 

This past Fall he became fed up with his outboard stranding him on the Lake one time too many. He swapped it in on an all electronic outboard motor. The Cadillac of motors! I might just be persuaded to go back to the Lake again.

There's a large colony of herons there.

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