My Rose of Sharon bushes.  Everything is so lush and green and pretty here in Bethlehem. I arrived home on Tuesday after over 12 hours behind the wheel. Heavy traffic, 2 accidents and a 1 hour stop at my brother's comprised my day. It was all made better with a lovely welcome from my fur babies and hubby. It had been a very long 11 weeks since I had left them for Maine.  Wednesday was my son's birthday, 48 and also Roger's birthday, 73. Daughter in law, Renee, treated us plus oldest granddaughter at Copperhead Grill Restaurant in Center Valley, not far from our house. I had lovely welcome home presents waiting for me that I had ordered from Amazon to be delivered to myself: 4 dvds and a very tiny Canon camera. There were also 3  bags of yarn from Wool Warehouse in England. So,  very nice home coming gifts.  I love coming home to mail in the form of packages! Sunday Roger and I went to church. I hadn't been in 3 months! O


July Fourth Week Is The Beginning Of Tourist Season Hi there! Today (July 2) I headed down the Island to shop for groceries at Burnt Cove Market in Stonington. Man, was it busy! Restaurants and gift shops are tucked in amongst cottages, rentals and businesses, up and down hills, side streets, half hidden streets, people from all over are walking and enjoying this little town by the sea.  (One of these days I hope to walk the waterfront and photograph all the lovely and quirky little gift shops and restaurants!)  Main street can be hazardous to navigate with cars parked on both sides and only room for one car to get through in places! It requires patience and courtesy to pull over in an open spot to allow traffic to get through. An adventure for some but a pain in the neck for others.  I thought I would check on a pond where there might be some lily blossoms but no such luck. However, I took a few photos of the beaver lodge and the pretty play of colors on the pond was inte


View from Caterpillar Hill Hello there!  We have had our fair share of rainy days lately. However on one of our warm and lovely days I took the camera and headed out to do some errands. I crossed Little Deer Isle to head off the Island. Our bridge off the Island is often under construction  and this day was no different  with a  long line of traffic backed up to get across the bridge. So I decided to turn left into  Bridge End park where  there's a little eating place with picnic tables  along the shore. It has a lot going on there with a pier, boat launch and wonderful views of the bridge. This spot opened up last year I think but was my first time eating there. I  really loved my lobster roll, chips and soda. The ocean was flat calm so I took lots of pictures. The Osprey nests at the top of the towers were just a speck but I zoomed in  the best I could. (When I crossed the bridge yesterday the eaglets were large enough that you could see their heads up above the ne