Monday, September 20, 2021


 Hello dear bloggy friends! You might ask: “where DOES she come up with the titles for her blog??”  The simple answer is that they just pop into my mind randomly and I say to myself “that would make a nice title for a blog post” and voila! here I am. Having said that I must tell you that it is 6:03 on a Monday morning and I am still in bed. I am writing this on my iPad after being awoken when Roger got up to let Lucy outside to wee and in her exuberance after coming back inside she ran up her little stairs to the bed and  said good morning by panting out dog food breath all over my face and then climbing on my stomach with her little wet feet! to wait for the usual endearments. She has since gone back to sleep in her spot at the foot of the bed but I am now wide awake…listening to the blue jays making an awful racket outside my open window, literally screaming at each other and two thoughts go through my mind…”noise pollution”and “all things bright and beautiful” and stuck there until a little Carolina wren opened it’s mouth to sing and the blue jays shut up  and flew away.  My day has begun.❤️

I hope your week went well. Mine was okay. Yesterday was Sunday and my activities went something like  this-I woke up to realize that we had half an hour before church service started. I got up and duck walked, with one eye stuck shut, downstairs to let Lucy out and see what Roger was up to. He was outside in his night shirt filling bird feeders, barefoot. I reminded him about church, needing him to say we should skip church, but he said no such thing and thus started our day of throwing ourselves together and rushing down the road to our little congregation, five minutes from our house. 

After church we agreed to meet up at a favorite restaurant with a bunch of friends for breakfast. I was starving by that time and ordered French toast, 2 eggs over easy and sausage links while my good friend, also named Susan, ordered waffles and fresh fruits with a dollop of whipped cream on top. 

Afterwards we all went our separate ways but on the way home I asked Roger to stop at our Rita’s in Hellertown for a cherry πŸ’ gelati. He just about flipped but stopped anyway saying “I can’t believe you can eat anymore!” But I knew they would be closing for the season in another week and just had to have one more. Just so you know I ate a couple of spoonfuls and the rest was put in the freezer for much later in the day.  As it turned out, the huge breakfast and gelati were the only foods I ate all day. Well, now I remember. I did have some tea and POPCORNERS while watching Midsomer Murders reruns with Roger in the evening. He had watched the football game earlier and I sat thru it, crocheting and daydreaming. The doors and windows were open, it was a gorgeous end of Summer day.

My son called. Highly unusual because I hardly ever hear from him or see him. His father-in-law has dementia and will go into a facility this coming Thursday. They have been unable to find a home for his 16 year old cat, would we take her in? Well, I can see all sorts of problems ahead if I say yes but, I can’t stand the thought of her being put in a shelter so I agreed but am not looking forward to dealing with the adjustment for both the cat and us. However, it is what it is and we will do the best we can.

That about covers my Sunday. A day of rest and relaxation. How was yours?

Goodbye Summer.

Take care of yourselves, 

Much love



Sunday, September 12, 2021


summer is fading 

 Take a deep breath, it calms the mind.

Hi there, dear bloggy friends. Just checking in to see how you all are. i hope that you are well and are keeping the faith...keeping hope alive in your day to day activities. Maybe taking a break from media and doing something enjoyable with that time. 

Are you glad that Summer is unofficially over? Truth be told I am not a fan of summer. Beauty, yes. Heat and humidity, no. I am looking forward now to enjoying the transition to Autumn. Yea! Bring it on! We can turn off the air conditioning and open up the windows.😊


I met with girlfriends this morning for a catch up and since we are all well past retirement conversations gravitated to our health issues and what’s next on our agendas. It was so nice to finally get together for  lots of laughing and talking. I really needed that. The last few months I spent settling Mom's estate and cleaning out the house were very lonely and sad.

We all seem to be on the same page when it comes to making the most out of our remaining years. We talked about Roger and I missing our little Dolly dog and are we to old to get another dog. Roger would like to but I am on the fence. B
asic needs were discussed: sustenance,  being comfortable in our beds and chairs, having some activity to enjoy, people we can call friends, security in our homes and finances, and trust in our Lord = peace and harmony in our lives. I added simplicity to the list. As I age I just want to get back to basics really. Less is okay now. Less stuff, less demands on my time, less indulging in unhealthy habits...less, less, less. Less is the new more. All of us have been through settling our parents estates and dealing with some form of having to make hard decisions. So, we all had issues with stuff and not leaving our children with the onerous task of disposing of it. 

Collective reasoning is wonderful but as we parted and went our separate ways I wondered how attainable it all was for Roger and me. We don’t have a good track record of being on the same page when it comes to down sizing. But he turned 75 in July and he is definitely slowing down. We are living in a house chalk a block full of stuff. But I was quite hung-ho and anxiously decided I should talk to hubby about it all and get his take on just how happy we are with where we are and what our goals should be for the future.  So, I said to him that we should talk. He asked about what. I said "well, peace, harmony, our future, simplifying our lives." His eyes flashed and he threw up his hands.  He immediately went into  defensive mode and said " Not this again! I am NOT getting rid of my National Geographic magazines! End of discussion." Sheesh! Did I mention that I just want peace and harmony in my life?πŸ™ƒ


I love being home again but it is a bit of an adjustment all the way around. I was gone almost a year. Nine months. Lucy still remembered me, thank goodness. She was beside herself with Joy. My constant companion. She has been for grooming and is sporting a lot less fur since I took this photo. I miss our little Dolly. Zeppe, is my buddy cat. My lap runneth over with love.πŸ₯°


Life is like a river, ever changing, ever flowing.

Aside from cleaning a little here and there, I have started making appointments and this week saw my doctor, went for bloodwork and have lots more appointments lined up for the next several months. Roger and I have been watching the series BROKENWOOD and CLARKSON’S FARM. Now we are rewatching Midsomer Murders from series one on Acorn TV.   I am on my 99th book of murder mysteries for 2021! And, I have 2 shawlettes (crochet) just about completed and will post pictures soon. 

I will leave you for now. Talk to you soon. 

Take good care of yourselves, 

God Bless America

Monday, August 2, 2021


 Good morning dear friends! And it is a beautiful day here on the coast of Maine. The temperatures are comfortable with the occasional hot and humid day and the ocean view out my window πŸͺŸ is calming. I love seeing the assortment of boats bobbing at their moorings. It is “high Summer” on the Island and there are people everywhere enjoying their vacations and soaking in the ambience of Deer Isle. 

Well, yes, I know I have been missing in action for awhile. I last wrote to you right after my mother had died. It was a truly hard time for me but she was 94 years old and ready to go. In the beginning I missed her so much and found myself talking to her in heaven, lol. Things like…”what ya doing up there, Mom, say hi to Dad, Thomas, Grammy and Grandpa.” As the days went by I adjusted to the fact that she was in a different  dimension and I was  stuck down here on earth. A place that has become very scary and insecure lately. 

 It was made more depressing though and overwhelming by the way her house reacted to her death. Don’t laugh. I swear this old house had been her security and refuge for 70 years and when she left this world it seemed like it was telling me it was grieving and ready to pack it in too. Now I say all this with tongue in cheek. HOWEVER…the first stage of IT’S grieving was to ‘shutdown’. Mom passed on Memorial Day, May 31st. It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong… septic, gas, plumbing, the stove, structural and the list goes on. I don’t want this blog to be a “whinging” blog so suffice it to say that I have had a very rough time of it lately. The family couldn’t come so it was me, myself and I. Roger did drive up for the service, stayed one day and drove back to be at work with my son. His business is crazy busy.

This pair of raccoon youngsters are keeping an eye on the tiny porcupine foraging under the clothesline.

I am afraid I reacted badly to when things went bottom up and I became overwhelmed with it all. I was and am going through the settling of the estate, probate, etc. I inherited the house and land but it won’t be legally mine until the legalities are completed. They estimate about 4 more months. My mother had a lifetime of junk packed into every corner, closet and room. I have spent the last month and a half sorting, giving away and disposing. It wasn’t only her things but she hadn’t had the heart to go through my grandmother’s or my dad’s clothes, etc. I was brutal in my clearing out the house of many years of accumulation. Due to my back issues I had to take it slow. I hired a person with a truck to make several trips to the dump and I have taken many carloads to Goodwill in Ellsworth, about an hour away right now due to construction and detours. When I finally get to go home my car will be loaded with just MY accumulations of craft stuff these past 8 months.


In the past two weeks I have had the rugs professionally cleaned. I also went to MERRILL’S FURNITURE and had delivered a sleeper sofa for the living room and a bed, dresser with mirror and night table for my room. So, the house has taken on a more spacious look but I am still left with a lot of stuff that I can’t throw out. I imagine that there are a few of you who have been in my shoes and know what I am talking about. Down the road the house will be sold and I don’t know what  I will do with it all. Bookcases were cleaned but most of Dad’s favorite books and my mother’s special treasures are still there. Despite all that has left the house there’s still a lot that has stayed! And there are 3 bedrooms that haven’t been touched. We won’t talk about the 3 bay garage, lol.

I discontinued the Direct TV service so have been watching DVDs…first, rewatched Miss Marple with Joan Hickson. I love her depiction of AGATHA CHRISTIE’s murder mysteries. So soothingly relaxing, like visiting with an old friend. From there I graduated to BALTHAZAR. What a contrast!

Aside from a few enjoyable lunch dates with old friends and school chums 
I have also read many books on my KINDLE. Murder mysteries, of course. The last series I finished was by an author called Steve Parker. I didn’t like the language but hung in there. Before that I was on a ANN CLEEVES journey and can highly recommend her INSPECTOR RAMSEY series. However my favorite has been VERONICA BLACK’s Sister Joan series. Excellent!! And in the same vein…but not quite 4 stars…Sarah Sheridan’s Sister Veronica series. I have not been in the mood for any of my other hobbies.  I love sitting out on our old deck though, breathing in the salt air and just taking in the Summer busyness of this Cove. It is so enjoyable after the quietness of COVID. 

I love the cooing of the Mourning doves.

An albino porcupine.

I do have a lot of wildlife pictures to show you as seen through my kitchen window but for now I will close and make much needed phone calls as well as packing boxes to ship out to my brother in California. A job I have been putting off. 

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your Summer. It is so beautiful here on the Island. I hope that your world is blooming also! ❤️

Take good care of yourselves, 

A baby porcupine in my backyard at dusk for several evenings. In this picture he or she looks large but in reality was about the size of a cat. The raccoons kept their distance.

Momma and her ducklings. I counted 12 altogether.

Thursday, June 17, 2021



Hello dear bloggy friends! I hope you are well. It's another beautiful day here. It's been awhile since I last popped in to chat with you all. I thank you for your condolences regarding the death of my dear mother. So kind and heart warming of you to reach out to me at this difficult time and I do so appreciate it. I have been reading your lovely blogs and they add sunshine to my days. However, in some cases, I am experiencing the same old problem of being unable to post comments on your blogs. It’s frustrating but please know that I do read and enjoy your bloggy friendship.❤️

I am trying to work my way through the process of settling the estate. I sometimes wish I could speed it all up so I can head home to Pennsylvania, but  in the meantime I am sorting and weeding out, tossing and cleaning through many years of life accumulation here at the homestead. My mother was a saver of everything, even if it was broken in some cases, and what to do with it all is now left up to me. I am taking my time and as the days pass the process becomes less arduous.

One day last week I had to do an errand in Blue Hill. It being a nice day, especially from the inside of my air conditioned vehicle, I decided to take a drive to see where it would take me. I ended up in the little seaside village called Winter Harbor and the Schoodic district of Acadia National Park.  Looking across Frenchman's bay I could see the famous  Cadillac Mountain that is a main feature when visiting Acadia on Mount Desert Island. This section of the Park is very small. There are hiking trails and a loop to drive around the Schoodic Point. Lots of granite and sea spray. Stormy days are impressive here! On the day I visited all was sunny and quiet. In fact the temps were in the low 90’s and hazy with the heat. First I walked around the tiny village of  Winter Harbor, bought a bird feeder in one of the gift shops and tried to have some lunch but the one restaurant opened for business on that weekday was short on help with a long line of people waiting to be seated. So, I went on my way to Schoodic point before leaving to head back home. I arrived back  5 hours from the time I had left it, hungry and tired, but with far less of the anxiety I had been carrying. I enjoyed my little detour. I hope you like the photos I took. 


And there you have it1
Much love to you all!


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