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Dog Days of Summer Rose of Sharon Mysti in her Summer coat.  We have 3 dogs at our house. Loved, spoiled. They are just 3 in a long succession of many dogs that I have had over a period of 40 plus years. I have loved them all but of course it's the ones we have now that we love the most, at this moment in time.  Mysti is our 9 year old Belgian Tervuren.   She's a love to all who know her. SMART and obedient and loyal to her master, Roger. In fact I gave her to him as a wedding gift when we were married a little over 9 years ago. Lately we Live with a feeling of angst or trepidation. Afraid for her future. Some time ago she contracted Lime Disease. It showed up in blood work done as a routine work up before having her teeth cleaned. She was put on very expensive meds and has been on them ever since.  NOW she is becoming quite lame. Sometimes she can't get up onto her feet from a laying down position on her own.  It's heart breaking to watch her strug