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 Hello dear bloggy friends! You might ask: “where DOES she come up with the titles for her blog??”  The simple answer is that they just pop into my mind randomly and I say to myself “that would make a nice title for a blog post” and voila! here I am. Having said that I must tell you that it is 6:03 on a Monday morning and I am still in bed. I am writing this on my iPad after being awoken when Roger got up to let Lucy outside to wee and in her exuberance after coming back inside she ran up her little stairs to the bed and  said good morning by panting out dog food breath all over my face and then climbing on my stomach with her little wet feet! to wait for the usual endearments. She has since gone back to sleep in her spot at the foot of the bed but I am now wide awake…listening to the blue jays making an awful racket outside my open window, literally screaming at each other and two thoughts go through my mind…”noise pollution”and “all things bright and beautiful” and stuck there until


summer is fading    Take a deep breath, it calms the mind. Hi there, dear bloggy friends. Just checking in to see how you all are. i hope that you are well and are keeping the faith...keeping hope alive in your day to day activities. Maybe taking a break from media and doing something enjoyable with that time.  Are you glad that Summer is unofficially over? Truth be told I am not a fan of summer. Beauty, yes. Heat and humidity, no. I am looking forward now to enjoying the transition to Autumn. Yea! Bring it on! We can turn off the air conditioning and open up the windows.😊   I met with girlfriends this morning for a catch up and since we are all well past retirement conversations gr avitated to our health issues and what’s next on our agendas. It was so nice to finally get together for  lots of laughing and talking. I really needed that. The last few months I spent settling Mom's estate and cleaning out the house were very lonely and sad. We all seem to be on the same page when it