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Our harbor is looking cold! Hello there! I am so happy you could stop by. There's not much happening here in the cove. Especially since the bitterest cold temperatures and wind we've experienced so far has come knocking at our doors and windows. I have been very generous to the wildlife that visits my yard. I can't bear to see them struggling to find food when it's so cold. I ordered six 50 pound bags of cracked corn and two 50 pound bags of black oil sunflower seeds from Hammond Lumber in Blue Hill the first of the week and had it delivered. They stack it in our main entry way to the house and I drag the bags in and through the house to the other entry that goes out to the side yard. Whew, what a work out! Before Covid they used to do all that for me and I would give them a generous tip.😌 The good old days. ❤❤❤ We had a high of 19 degrees F. today and a wind of about 25 mph. Last night the wind was much stronger. Tonight we will get down to 0 degrees F. The wind is st


Hello and good morning! I am typing this on my new iPad and I must say it is BRILLIANT, as the British would say. I can’t thank my husband enough for his thoughtfulness and his generosity. 🥰  Today is a big day in our country. The inauguration of a new president. As a Conservative I am not happy about the outcome of the election-any of it-but I will respect the Office of President and hope for the best. Most of all, though, I hope that we can start to heal  in the coming months...our hearts and our minds and our bodies.😔 Yesterday was a lovely day even if it was 32 degrees F. I finally took the plunge. Not in the ocean but to get out in society! It's only been a week but it seems like a month!  I dressed in warm and presentable clothes and headed down the Island. As I crossed the causeway the tide was high and seagulls were flocked together basking in the sun on flat ledges rising out of the cold ocean, just enough so they could snuggle down, wing to wing, presenting a beautiful


Hello there! I hope you are all well! It's a rainy, windy day up and down the coast of Maine. The ice and snow are disappearing fast. Before I looked out the window this morning I had intended to shop today at our store here on the Island even though I need a day out in Ellsworth to get some items in Home Depot. I REALLY need to get out of the house. Maybe next week. My son gives his grandmother every year, for Christmas,  a very generous gift card to be used at our Island food store and it buys our groceries for about 3 months or so! So I really can't justify buying our food elsewhere until it is used up. Our store is quite sufficient to fill our needs. However, Mom really likes Wal-Mart's blueberry muffins. I buy a bunch of them and put them in the freezer. She has been out of them for awhile. Last night she said she would love some peanut butter fudge so I will make her some today or tomorrow. There is a reason I never make it! I love it also... I have no self discipline


View taken from our shore. Hello!  How are you all?  I am  recovering from a malady known as "TOO MUCH". I have to giggle as I write this because it's rather silly. However, I think some of you might agree with me. Do you feel that we are being bombarded with falling asteroids? They all have names: Virus(es), Vaccine,  Restriction, Media, Chaos, Nervous Breakdown,  to name a few. I am so looking forward to a time when my biggest anxiety will be finding the right person to take care of Mom so I can go home for the Summer.  As for Mom, I am at a standoff with her over getting the Covid vaccine. She is refusing to get one. She was supposed to see her doctor on the 14th but is saying she's not going. On the evening news  she heard something about side effects the other day and she has grabbed on to that tidbit like an anchor to use as an excuse but the real reason is she doesn't want to leave the house.  So, what have I been up to? In keeping with my desire to be more