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DEER ISLE, MAINE  WHY I LIVE THERE PUMPKIN ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE Deer Isle Sedgwick Bridge One side of the Deer Isle Village. If you blink you miss it.  If you are wondering why most of my pictures have ocean scenes, it is because I live (2 weeks of every month) on an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. The group of islands; Little Deer Isle, Deer Isle, and Stonington, are about 10 miles in length and five miles at it's widest. I estimate about 5000 natives live on the islands year round. In the Summer there are many more as it's a very popular tourist destination. The Summers are beautiful but the winters can be harsh.  I am a native, I was born and raised there but left for college after graduating high school, left college after 2 years to get married and raise a family. We ultimately ended up in Pennsylvania in 1980 after living in Canada and moving back to the Island long enough for my husband to realized that he was v