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Happy AUTUMN! I have been watching the coverage of Pope Francis in Washington D.C. today. I am not Catholic but was very moved by his message to Congress. Simple, heartfelt and moving. Especially the part about the Golden Rule. The last of my sunflowers. I'm also working on HOOKY projects today. My snow flake throws have been gathering dust for the past few months but I'm hopeful that they will soon be COMPLETED and I can finally move on to something else....mainly the 2 ponchos that I want to have completed for 2 of the grandchildren by Christmas. However, there's still a lot to do on them yet. I'm trying to decide on a border.  Because working on a large project can become tedious about three quarters of the way through, I have tried my hand at designing something to take a break from snowflakes-don't laugh now-my first stab at it is to come up with the perfect pot scrubbie. So far I am 3 down and each one is different. They are made with tull


"Like a bird who strays from the nest is a man or woman who strays from home." Proverbs 27:8 I am so glad to be back home from the Island. (Maine) I can't remember another year when it was so hot there in September. My parents being in their late 80's and well able to tolerate high temperatures were also a bit uncomfortable and did open a window or turn on a fan but to me there was no relief from the relentless humidity day and night. The refreshing afternoon breezes flowing in off the ocean were few and far between. There were some who took advantage of the last vestiges of summer  like weather to sun themselves...  Most of my time was devoted to helping my parents by cooking, cleaning and running errands and enjoying spending time with them . I am so happy and grateful that they are still with us. More feeble and frail but still mentally alert and determined to remain living on their own. Next month they will be married 69 years!  I love Maine in Septe