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  Hello dear bloggy friends! It’s a lovely SPRING like day here so I thought it time I changed my blog wallpaper from snow to flowers. Lilacs no less. I need color! I am hopeful that we will see something popping up through the ground soon. Crocuses usually show their faces in March here.  So, what’s new with you? I must admit I am finding life a bit stressful these days. Heartbreakingly so when I think about the Ukrainian people. There are no words I can think of to express the fear, despair, and loss those poor people must be feeling. So, if you have it in your heart to pray, now is the time to do it. 💗 It seems like reality is impossible to handle these days. What else is on our horizon…first Covid and now war. Staying close to God is the only way forward, at least that is the way I choose to deal with it.  What else can we do but hope and pray? Hitler is not dead, just reincarnated. I guess you can tell I am out of patience. More on that later…in the meantime I am > MISSING THE


  Hello dear bloggy friends! It's been awhile, hasn't it, but I am well and hope you are also. It's a sunny day here but only 23 degrees. We've had it bitter cold this winter. And, according to my weekly heating bills so has the island in Maine at my house that I inherited from my mother last year.. The price of gas heat is exorbitant!  Here in Pennsylvania there's not much going on. I continue to hibernate unless we meet up with my daughter and her family at a restaurant but the Poconos where she lives is even more Arctic so that doesn't happen often. She has lung issues so has to stay inside when it's bitter cold. We do have snow but with our sunny days it has diminished somewhat from the 6 inches we received less than a week ago. Frozen snow now. I was talking to my daughter, Judi, yesterday and she asked me if I was bored. I answered, BORED? No. I'm not bored. I have this big ole house and lots of hobbies. And both Roger aka Himself and I are Winter