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He is Risen and We are Blessed

 Hello dear friends everywhere. Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! I’m writing this on Easter morning. It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Eastern Pennsylvania. Lucy woke me up the usual time, sevenish, wanting to go out and to be fed breakfast. She can be very vocal! Buddy, Quiseppe (aka Zeppe), Nika, and our outside feral cat, Rascal, crawl out of their respective areas of choice, take care of business and join the line up in the kitchen to have their morning love greetings and breakfast…provided by a very groggy yours truly. I look at them and my heart overflows with love. How blessed Roger and I are to have these little ones to wake up to, to have  the freedom to go to church today without a mask and pew spacing or, that our church, our homes might be bombed…and life as we knew it is no more. Then I step outside to the back patio and breathe in the fresh morning air holding a lovely cup of hot tea. I tell myself that this is going to be a day of celebration and not to mess up my mind w