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Introspection  A fellow blogger recently wrote about her mundane days and how she feels old, colorless and frumpy. She  wondered why go to the effort of putting on makeup when a mask covers our faces. And why dress in anything besides a Tee shirt and jeans when our days are spent at home or in the car going through drive thru or  a  curbside pick up queue. I realized that she had a point. And I love that word, frumpy. It stuck in my head all day. I'm afraid she hit the nail on the head. I definitely look, dress and feel frumpy. I haven't been to a hair salon since March.  I've gone from short to long hair swept back by a band. Nor had a manicure. I have discovered that dresses are a lot more comfortable in the heat and humidity since seeing a couple that I liked at Walmart.    My mother and the neighborhood ladies used to wear house dresses 50 years ago. I used to wonder why they had no sense of style.  Now all I need is the old fashioned apron that goes around the neck. Th


The seasons...they are achanging... Hello, dear readers! Thanks ever so much for stopping by! 💖  Recently I read a comment by a fellow blogger, on her blog, about being tired... "I am so tired of the hate, the virus and the destruction." I think she spoke for the majority of us. And we are all tired and stressed by one thing or another, trying to weather our "seasons" with faith, patience and dignity. Trying not to think too much,  maybe? There are good days and bad days living with this new normal because, in reality we have two "normals" to deal with, don't we? Our old normal of our personal life is still there, the new normal being an unwanted appendage. Silly Me   Sometimes, I like to imagine that I am living in my own little bubble here at Deer Haven.  It's not hard to do,  for me. I rarely leave home. 😏 But it  usually starts when I wake up after a good night's rest. (Those nights are few and far between, believe me.)  Looking out the r


Hello! I hope you are all well and reasonably happy with your life in our new normal. I have been stuck in the house forever it seems due to staying safe and the oppressive heat. Pennsylvania has reached 121,000 positive cases. I'm not sure about the local tally but I do know it is in the thousands.  Well, today I am going to get a teeny tiny bit sentimental. I'm really not the sentimental type. But... Do you get nostalgic for the past? I don't mean the recent past before Corvid. I mean looking waaaay back. I recently came across some pictures on the internet that took me back to when my parents first started their restaurant. It was a brain egg of my father's hatched while he was recovering from an illness, around 1960, I guess. The Island in Maine where I grew up was and is very touristy from Memorial Day to Labor Day. My dad, a fisherman but ever the entrepreneur,  came up with the idea of having a little "hotdog stand" built on my grandparent's propert