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Hello there dear friends! I hope this post finds you enjoying the beauty of Summer. Even though we are mostly confined to our immediate family and surroundings, still, or are mostly on the inside looking out due to endless days of heat, humidity and nothing inbetween! We will choose  beauty and the love we have for each other.  We can see it, touch it, feel it. I am so thankful that I live where I do! I just can't imagine how awful it must be for those living amidst lawlessness! My time since I last wrote has been mostly tied up with medical appointments. The appointments themselves, not an issue,  but the parking and walking, very much so. We have huge hospital complexes here. The one closest to me is St Luke's Bethlehem Campus. This is what it looks like. As the crow flies it is about 5-10 minutes from my house. Traffic lights, well, add another 5-10 minutes.😏   I headed out the other day to have an xray of my knee and some lab work done. For this I nee


Hello dear ones! I hope this bloggy post finds you enjoying your Summer! As for me I am just fine. There are bits of sadness that still tug at my heart with the losses and changes in my life but I am forging ahead, turning a page. Right now I am concentrating on hubby, pets, and floating. When I was a kid my dad usually had a skiff tied up at a float, pier, mooring or hauled up on the shore. I was allowed to row if I stayed within sight of an adult. I would go out a ways off shore, lean on the oars and just float, looking down into the depths, mesmerized by the movement of the waves and the gentle rocking of the boat on them. So peaceful. Not thinking of anything. The dogs and I take rather hurried strolls due to the extreme heat.  Poor Dolly can't see so she sniffs her way and I am quick to ward off any collisions. Zeppe stretches out on a patio mat but heads inside with us to coolness and there are treats for all. I have done a bit of this and that, odds and


Hello there! It's ANOTHER sizzling day here at Deer Haven. A lovely day though, sunny with a breeze rustling the leaves on the trees surrounding the house.  I was awoken this morning by a knock knock knocking. So, in a befuddled state, I tried to locate where the sound was coming from.  Pardon me if I digress here. Next door to our bedroom is what should be a guest room but has been made into my sewing/craft room... where I used to churn out quilts and wall hangings for family and friends.  💖  Dare I show you a picture or two or three? They would give new meaning to the words "decluttering needed here". :-) The lighting in all the pictures is very bad. We keep most of the curtains drawn in the house to try and keep it as cool as possible. I've interspersed happy pictures here and there to offset the darkness of the others. Enter here... turn left and walk straight ahead... sit at machine... Leave by reversing or just back out