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  Hi there bloggy friends! ❤️ It’s Saturday 5PM. A cold damp day, 38 degrees F. We celebrated our son-in-law, Erick’s, 50th birthday today at a local restaurant. I can just about remember turning 50. Can you? The reason I remember it is because it was 2000. Y2K. And my birthday was 4 days into the new year. I didn’t know it at the time but a few months later my husband, Doug, would be diagnosed with brain cancer, and later my daughter would get married and our son and wife would give us our first grandchild. A year to never forget. If you like traveling down memory lane, how about reading the blog called WEAVER OF GRASS. I loved the comments section also.  In todays post she asks if we remember our first kiss…our first “grown up” kiss. I don’t and I know I should. It’s not that I was kissed by so many it’s just that it must not have been that memorable I guess. I do remember my girlfriend arranging a double blind date. It was the summer we graduated high school. We went to a drive in m

Looking Back

 Hello dear bloggy friends! How are you all doing? It's January 10th, Tuesday. A dreary dismal day out. Not too cold, in  the high 30’s. No snow but the ground is still wet from all the snow we've had. Buddy, our latest adopted, has turned 11years and he has become needy in his older years. He is at the moment, curl up under my writing arm and the arm of the chair so that I am writing with it held in the air over his sleeping head. What we do for our pets.❤️ I have an Amazon Fire tablet that I start out with but switch to my IPad so that I can upload pictures to my blog that I have taken with my iPhone. And that is generally how I compose and complete my posts. It sometimes takes me several days because life gets in the way or I have to head outside to take a few photos. The pickings are lean this time of year. Only the deer that congregate down at the back closer to dark. Not like at Mom’s in Maine where there was something going on all the time  as I checked daily what was ha