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Who can tell me the name of this hawk? It was in a tree in front of my son’s house.   Hello there! Hope all is well with you. We have had Winter visit us since I last posted. Lots of fluffy snow. After the first snow of the season we received about 10 inches more white fluffy snow and lost power for about 6 hours. Believe me when I say we were so happy we had our whole house generator instead of the ancient noisy smelly gas generator on the kitchen patio.  Poor Roger was left on his own plowing, shoveling for the dogs, and to the bird feeders. I stayed inside and  felt guilty until I heard voices and laughing and the neighbors kids were shoveling like crazy, 4 teen boys. Roger was visiting with their dads. ☃️ Truth be told I was very happy that they stopped by to see if he needed help. Roger has an Army injury to his back and has had cancer twice. He is also 75 years old so has earned his stripes. Today is Sunday. A beautiful sunny morning here BUT the temperature is 28 degrees. I am n


Hello there wherever you are! A little update from the person who has a very boring existence these days. Well, I guess I left off with the sale of my parents house and the divviing up of the proceeds to various family members. That open a whole lot of friction with lawyers involved. That took time and the buyers had construction workers due to start work on the house. They extended the closing date by 10 days and I was sweating bullets on the last day but it happened and is behind me now.   Once that was over with we scheduled to have a whole house generator. Electricians, and excavators were scheduled but because of backlogs we didn’t see anyone until after Christmas. We are in a valley and we have to drive up to our road. A ditch had to be dug from our house to the road. The power company had to replace a pole and run new lines up at the road. Trees had to be cut down and huge boulders taken out of the ditch. What a mess! It rained just about every day when the were doing all 30 foo