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  WELCOME! And hello! I have been missing in action and I apologize to my faithful readers. I guess the major reason is that I have been in a slump. Summers are my least favourite season. As I get older my SAD, but in my case I have a problem with too much light, has become more intense unfortunately. But, now that cooler temps are here and shorter days I am enjoying the cozy evenings. I have started going for walks again and become less of a recluse.  There's  nothing I can do about it but just accept it and endure. The leaves are changing here but after our dry summer I'm not sure what our foliage this year will be like. My daughter lives in the Poconos and time will tell whether it will be beautiful or blah. Our trees on our land are making me happy especially with a blue sky. We have a lot of young Cardinals on our property. And the birds are eating us out of house and home. Roger has already put the suet and peanut feeders out. I hope that you also are have enjoyed Septemb