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I have had a rough time of it lately. A shoulder injury that just doesn't want to heal. So, Saturday I had an MRI and we shall see what can be done to get me back to "high tide" again. Being incapacitated by not having a working right arm is the pits. I feel like the sparkle  has gone out of my world. I am dependent on others for the simple things like opening and closing the car door on the passenger side. I want my blue skies back! I worked for a rehabilitation hospital for 18 years and what I saw the patients there going through kept me humble. Now, since retiring 10 years ago, I am wondering if this injury and my impatience to get well again is meant to be a lesson in patience, empathy for others and humility. It's something to think about that is for sure! Well, I am back home in PA for about 3 weeks. It's the longest I have left my mother on the Island in ME since dad went into the hospital in December and then into the nursing home. But I have a