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Hello my dear lovely readers! This blog post is photo heavy and should be named : A TRIP AROUND THE HOUSE WITH BUDDY. The pictures are actually displayed last pictures first but I didn’t want to fight with blogger or my lacking abilities so I just left them the way they uploaded. Thank you for your patience🙂. So, here we go… The back of our house is just lovely right now with all the flowering trees. The side of our house that faces the road where the new gas generator was installed. Not pretty. Except for the Snowball bush. It smells heavenly. I think this is a Crepe Mertle tree. This is where the ditch problem was that the contractor left us with. Roger and 2 neighbors worked all day last week to correct the problem and spread it with grass seed and straw. It goes from the house up to the mailbox at the top of driveway. We live in a valley. Our house is being gobbled up by Ivy! Help! Thankfully Buddy does not chase deer. The diameter of the tree the freak tornato destroyed the other


  Hello and thank you for stopping by! It’s raining here, has been for days and the rivers and streams are in overdrive with massive flooding. I hope that you are okay wherever you are. As for me I am a bit stressed these days so have retreated to knitting and writing. I feel somewhat better when I put myself first. I know that might sound selfish but I need to prioritize in my mind what comes first…having a heart attack or taking a break from life. Just joking. I think many of you reading this have developed coping mechanisms and strategies for dealing psychologically with life issues and unpleasant situations. I have dealt with horrible life circumstances by retreating into myself. I have suffered my whole life with social anxiety and a lack of self confidence. I hide it well but lately it is manifesting itself again. I rather think I am my mother’s child after all. My father had lots of self confidence and an extremely outgoing personality. He loved to laugh, sing, and was very well