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  Hello dear readers! I hope you are well. It's Monday here. 10:15 in the morning. August 15th. I am counting the days until September. In my mind that month means Summer is over. I am making plans to head back to the Island. (Maine) There's still a lot of work to be done at the Homestead aka Mom's house. I hope to be there for most of the month but we shall see. I'm happy to report that we have our air conditioning working. August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were a bit chaotic with 4 workman all over the place. I had to make sure I was up and dressed by 7:30, a definite hardship for me! They completely cleared out the old units, we have two  CA units one does the top two floors and the other does the bottom two floors. And a heat pump. So, that's why it was so expensive. I thought once we had a cooler house I would have a lot more get up and go but, sadly, that was wishful thinking. I am trying to keep ahead of the housework but there are days I sit and knit listening to boo