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Hello dear ones! It's Thursday. 45 degrees. Sunny. Life is good for me at the moment. I hope that those of you visiting me can say the same.   My biggest challenge is finding a cleaning lady OR updating my camera. I can't have both. Despite the fact I am on the cusp of being an old lady I find I am reliving my past in some aspects of my life. Back in the day it was all about choices…do I go to the movies or buy a movie star magazine. Moving on to- Can I afford to buy myself that lovely blouse when a daughter would love those jeans she's wants desperately. Then: How can we possibly afford a new car until both kids are through college. And, Let's buy the grands new computers, we can go on vacation anytime. Choices, always choices. And the older I get the more I want to buy the best. After all, I think, the purchase of this particular item could be my last. Case in point, I sent my old but comfortable sofa to be re-upholstered. (Why does that word not look right?) I didn&#


Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I thought it time for a little update however mundane it might be. The good news is that my favorite month of the whole year has finally shown it's face in our little valley.   Here in Pennsylvania we are finally able to open our windows and doors to sunshine and pleasant days. No more heat and humidity. Goodby Rose of Sharon beauty, hello Burning Bush. I have been two weeks putting this post together so forgive me if it is a bit disjointed. I haven’t taken many photos either. But, here goes… CATS, VLOGS, BOOKS, LIFE IN GENERAL I am SO happy to be able to get outside once again. I am trying to get back into walking. I do miss the years of walking dogs. We are now down to one dog and she has severe arthritis in her hips. She sits at the bottom of our drive waiting  for me to return from my walk. I lavish way too much attention on her and consequently she  very definitely has ME trained! We have always had at least 2 rescue dogs and several adopt