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But first let's enjoy this cheerful Summer scene depicting life on the Island... Hello dear bloggy friends! I trust you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving or if you don't live in the United States I hope you still ate well and feel blessed.  Today I feel thankful for all the people who have subscribed to my blog or put me on their blog reading list. I don't have a lot of followers but I do have a fair amount of subscribers and I feel very blessed indeed for each and every one of you! Thank you from the bottom of my lobster loving heart! 💖 I read all of your blogs, but, like a lot of you I don't always comment. I do make sure I comment regularly to those of you who leave me a comment. No pressure though! I just am grateful that you visit at all!  November Sunsets So, November is just about over. I am trying to stay positive so yesterday I dragged decorations downstairs and put away the summer bits and bobs we have scattered around this old house gathering dust. Believe me


 THANKS =Ten Hugs And Nine KisseS T hank others H elp others A ppreciate what you have N otice your blessings K now your gifts S erve others Hello again! Thanks so much for stopping by! Today I am thankful to see the sun. We've enjoyed having wind and rain instead of snow and wind which equals a blizzard. Yesterday when it stopped raining I went for a walk up our little hill and down a longer hill to get to the beach there. It's where, as a child,  we would hunt for tiny crabs amongst the rocks and seaweed. My children have fond memories of doing the same. It's also where my grandparents lived but also where my parents (Eugene) owned a restaurant(the Lobster Pool) next to it for over 50 years. It was sold many years ago along with the house.  I was enjoying my walk on the beach when thunder rumbled and the rain came down in sheets! I had on a hooded winter coat but it soaked through quickly. Being a stubborn Mainiac I went on snapping photos but did turn back. Halfway up th


Hello there! Happy Sunday! I hope that you are well and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I am continuing on my Thirty Days of Thankfulness. I saw this top photo on a blog called WISEHEARTED. I don't know where she came by it but the first thing I thought was 'how did this person get this on his hands?' But, of course, we can do this sort of thing with our computers, if we know how. The point Wisehearted was making, though, was that God formed us, put us where He wanted us and made us who we are. We matter to Him. Well, I am so thankful He put me in the United States! I'm not knocking other countries, no, no.  But, when you compare it to living in  communist countries, I feel very blessed indeed.    Possibly, looking at this picture we might think, WOW! How insignificant I am in the scheme of things. Well, yes, maybe so but I know who I am and God knows who I am so that's all that matters when all is said and done.💖 I am so thankful I have this knowledge de

Ocean Air

  Hello, dear bloggy friends! I have arrived in Maine and want to continue my Thirty Days of Thankfulness posts. I am in quarantine but I don't know for how long because there wasn't or isn't a lot of food in the house. And a week from today is Turkey Day.  But, first things first-what I'm thankful for. I only have to step outside our door to feel, see, hear and breathe in the bracing ocean air. So refreshing! There's a cold breeze that clears the cobwebs from your mind, make no mistake about that! It comes in handy because I spent yesterday deep cleaning the kitchen. Every time I felt like collapsing I stepped out on the little deck off from the kitchen.  I so do not like a dirty kitchen!  Mom woke up at 5 o'clock vomiting and was in bed all day. I wailed to Roger on the phone that it must have been my pumpkin roll that we enjoyed having a piece of in the evening.  I had stopped for KFC on my way to the Island in Ellsworth. So I don't know what brought it a

Murky Memories

  Hello, dear friends! How are you? Here in Bethlehem, PA  the days are getting cooler. This morning the temperature  gauge is showing 40 degrees, F. And our landscape is pretty bare after the wind an d rain of the last few days. Certainly not like this picture taken about a month ago. More Like this picture... Our stray cat, Rascal, can usually be found in his heated house on the back patio. We have been feeding him dry food with a sprinkling of treats on the top as well as a vitamin powder called, Strive. He loves it. I have given him wet food just for a change but he lets me know that I have let him down. 😶  And he is finally putting on weight. He used to be gone for several days at a time, was ravenous when he returned, and so skinny. Sadly, we can not touch him but he will tolerate me and the dogs walking past his house when he's snoozing. Anyway... Sometimes he sleeps on his cushion under the glass table. Continuing on with My Thirty Days of Thankfulness, I must be sure to m