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MY FAVORITE SEASON   Hi there! After the heat and humidity we get in Pennsylvania from May to September changing seasons and cooler temperatures is such a relief! I even like the shorter days. I love the smell of the leaves! I love the warm days and chilly nights.  Roger has been working hard all Spring, Summer and Fall this year. Even though he has retired twice now, the first time from 21 years in the army, the second from USPS, he still HAS to be busy doing something. He likes helping my son with his swimming pool business but after 5 years I would VERY MUCH like for him to REALLY retire, lol. He was finally able to get some time and we made a trip to the Lake. It was wonderful being there without the sun beating down on us. In fact, the sky was a bit grey after awhile and we decided we should head back to the dock. But a very mild day.  And still pretty. Threatening skies.  This past week I went up, most likely it will be my last trip this year, to celebra


It's been awhile... hope you are enjoying Fall. I am a bit behind on decorating. The grandsons are spending a few days with us. Lots of energy and noise and chaos. I tend to take it in stride, Roger not so much. I think that he is glad to be working all day with Mark (my son, his stepson). They are very busy winterizing swimming pools for Mark's many customers. MAINE IV Bridge from Mainland onto Little Deer Isle. What gorgeous picture taking weather! I did get back up to Maine finally. Our dog's surgery put my trip on hold for a month which means I didn't spend the 3 weeks I was hoping to but, hey, I'll take what I can get. I did enjoy wonderful weather, took lots of pictures and was able to fit in several happy lunches with various old friends. The Little Deer Isle Welcome Center! "My Island" Many moons ago my dad was very ill and while he was recovering he began to scheme and dream of what he would do when he got