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 The above photo which was taken in Deer Isle Village, might seem too pretty to be a winter scene BUT it was taken in December! Every year I forget to stop at this same spot in the village to photograph the splendidity (?) of when the harbor is iced in. So far the ice has not gathered on the shoreline around the harbor due to temperatures not being cold enough...yet. Probably in February. Health in and faith So, how was your Christmas? Mom and I enjoyed a quiet, cozy, and contented day. We  talked to each other about the many blessings that God has poured down on us this year. First of all, our biggest one being good health aside from the usual aging complaints.  And we pray daily for those who are not so fortunate. Sure, we've had our troubles and losses but we both have a personal faith in Christ our Lord and Savior to lean on when our storms of life hit us. Happy new year I, of course, wish you all the happiest of New Year's but what we really need is a new year that is not


 Hello and happy days! I hope that you are feeling JOY in your hearts as we get ready to celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ .  I saw this display on my way to Ellsworth in a little town called Surry. It was a partly sunny day, the sun was low and peeking through the trees. The next day we had a snowstorm. Winter is now alive and well! 😐 Mom and I are snug as 2 bugs in a rug! We feel so blessed to have everything that we need and we feel very loved with daily deliveries from family and  phone calls from Roger, my daughter, Judi, and my brother, Richard to keep us in the loop. We miss my older brother's presence in our lives. He passed away in April. Mom received a Christmas card from his widow, Kathy, and was quite emotional for the rest of the day.  I think she feels it's unfair that God sometimes takes a mother's child before herself. I'm sure I would feel the same if I was in her shoes. One day last week was very cold, windy, and SUNNY. So I decided to go out o


  My, it's so cold this week! Winter has truly arrived now for sure. We had a bad storm a few days ago with huge accumulations of snow and lost power inland. We received rain and strong wind here on the coast. The freezing temperatures arrived after that and even during the day the ground has remained frozen. At least I don't have to put boots on when I go outside. 😌 I have walked but the landscape is bleak and bare. There's not a lot to photograph. So far no decorations anywhere. I thought I would see some in Ellsworth but don't remember any. Of course my mind has been wandering lately. They may have been there but I was out to lunch mentally. I do remember stopping at the wrong bank! I went through drive-thru, waited in line, couldn't understand why they asked me so many questions and looked at me like I had a screw loose. I couldn't understand what the teller was mumbling through his mask until he mentioned the name, Camden Bank. What? What did you say? Oh,


Good morning dear bloggy friends! It's a dreary day here and I am biding my time until Mom wakes up. Her bedroom is right off the kitchen so I try not to make a lot of noise in the mornings. She suffers from insomnia so she is usually going to sleep when early birds are getting up. Her day doesn't usually begin until one o'clock! Yes, you read that right.   I, on the other hand, do my best work in the mornings. I have learned to adjust after all these years. I have been my mother's caregiver for five years now. I came on December 1st when my dad had a bad fall and ended up in the hospital. He never returned home again. He was in the Island nursing home for a year and a half before he passed.  Speaking of the Island nursing home. A crisis is going on there. It came on quite suddenly.  Covid has robbed four people of their lives and over half of the residents and some of the staff have tested positive. It is in the local newspapers and local TV stations are covering it on