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Tomorrow I leave the Island and head home to PA. Aside from a few niggles of worry about Mom I am looking forward to reuniting with my family and pets. It's been a long 5 weeks of Winter Nor'easters, 4 in total. I am ready for milder temps and the beginnings of Spring colors to emerge all around our house there. Our Spring emergence is always advanced by at least a month to that of the Island here in Maine. We call our 2 acres "Deer Run" because we are down in a little valley from the road and secluded by a circle of trees and overgrowth that allow for a variety of wildlife to also call it home. All the properties in the development are 2 acres or more but we have more privacy. Roger feeds the deer and they show up faithfully every day for their evening meal. The best part is when the Bambies start to arrive and show up in June  with their mothers.  Today though I am in packing mode and doing last minute things.  It entails loading all my clothes and Winter parapher