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Hi there! I'm so sorry that I have been absent for a couple of months!! If you follow me on Facebook (Susan Zarzycki) you will know already that my Dad had a bad fall the first of December, a day before his 89th birthday, and ended up in the hospital and is now in the Island Nursing Home. You will also know from reading past posts of this blog that I post more about my time on an Island in Maine where I grew up than I do about my home town of Bethlehem, PA. We do live in a pretty spot here in the mountains but it just can't compare to the scenery on the Island. A shame I didn't appreciate "my" Island when I lived there for 21 years altogether. I married a Canadian and we lived in Quebec for several years, in Ontario for several years but in the end we moved kit and cabootle to the Island and then in 1980 moved to Pennsylvania. A lot has happened in all those years both good and bad, but by far my greatest accomplishment would be my two children and the legacy ca