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WE THREE Oh, my goodness, I have really been out of it lately! Exhaustion from lack of sleep, body aches, and the list goes on. Just a big bundle of blah. Mom's poor body has ballooned with fluid again so we are quite the pair. And, not to leave out Bebe, the aged cat; she is tottering around wondering why her feeding schedule is all out of whack. A lot has been going on here one way or another. Her noontime daily raw scallop has lately been served closer to supper time. This is a picture of Bebe taken some years ago before kidney disease took over her life. She was a spayed stray that was living under an old shed. Mom started feeding her and eventually, she became a member of the family but with a definite attitude problem. No one but Mom could touch her and even she was limited to her back and tail. If you valued your life you never, ever, tried to pick her up! It was quite the undertaking to get her in the carrier and to the vet. It involved cunning, the art of a w