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  Hello lovely readers!The photos above were taken in Stonington Harbor at the very end tip of the Island. About 10 miles from where my house is. We had some beautiful days. Not too hot, just right for the family to sight see and also to get work done around the old homestead. If we wanted to eat out we had to go to Stonington harbor. I did get a mess of lobsters but I ate my fill and froze the rest to bring back to Pennsylvania since my daughter and grandsons don’t like shellfish.  If you are one of my regular readers these photos are old hat to you. I never get tired of the Summer scenes but I really should broaden my picture taking to other areas of the Island. It’s just the parts of the Island we shop in and eat in so since I am there already I capture the moment. Another reason is that many parts of the Island are now private property. However, we did take a trail walk around the shore with oldest grandson. I hope you have enjoyed the photos. We spent one day off from working and


 Hello dear bloggy friends! Can you guess where I am? If you guessed Maine you are so right! My daughter and two grandsons are here with me. We arrived a couple of days ago. We spent a couple of days in Wells, Maine on the way. It rained the whole time we were there and cleared the day we traveled to the Island but rained two days after we arrived. Today was gorgeous. A lovely sunset behind the Lighthouse.  The following photos were taken in York, Maine. Nubble Light House with Fox’s Lobster House next door where we enjoyed lunch. I bought two beautiful pairs of earrings at the Lighthouse Gift Shop. Grandson Joshua loved running across the top of the rocks. There’s lots to do here. My daughter, Judi, put the two teens to work so cupboards were painted and old things replaced with new…shower head, more towel racks, and the list goes on. A dump run was made and ice cream cones and sundaes enjoyed at the drive-in on the way back up the island. We hope to head for Bar Harbor and Acadia Nat