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GOOD MORNING TO YOU....showing you HOOKY love today Hi there! It's a cold one here, -6 as I write this on a sunny Thursday in the last week of February. I know that I am not posting as often as I used to when I first started this blog about a year ago now. I am having a real problem uploading pictures to the blog and I can't seem to figure out how to correct the problem. I have spent many hours trying to no avail. This morning is no different but I am in hopes of having someone come in soon who has more expertise in computer technology than I do. In the meantime I have switched over to my Kindle Fire in the hope it's not a Blogger problem but a computer one. First of all it's been a busy month hooky wise. I have managed a bunch of finishes. Mostly hearts in one shape or another. I did a bunch of them to make into a bunting to string up in the family room. The hearts are made but the bunting will have to wait until next year in time for Valentine decorations.