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  What a beautiful time of the year! Are you well and enjoying Spring? I have hope in my heart as I gaze out my windows. How can we not have enthusiasm when we look around us …how can we not have hope. (Of course, you could be enjoying Fall or Autumn, depending on where you live.) It seemed like our Winter was a long one despite me loving its coziness. It was not harsh here but other areas of our country were hit hard with disastrous weather conditions. And, the Evening News…so full of woes and bleakness. The unspeakable war in the Ukraine and our cost of living through the roof. Oil prices. Gas prices. Food prices. Interest rates. We  still have Trump to beat on and Biden has certainly not been an answer to prayer.  Roger, who is an avid obituary reader as we settle into bed for the night, loves to read them aloud. He grew up in the area so he can always find an acquaintance(s) that has passed on or passed over. Not to mention the demise of admired celebrities. And all those that have