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"Until we have loved an animal, a part of our soul remains  unawakened." Anatoly France In the past several years we have lost some precious furry children to cancer and other ailments... Despite valiant efforts by our very capable vet. Mysti Sizzler Chloe And another to kidney failur e....Pookie and her son, Tucker And today we lost another to old age: Sammi Lately I feel like my cup runneth over with heartbreak. I know that we all experience losses in our lives, especially those of us who are animal lovers and we have to just accept and move on. Knowing that doesn't always ease the pain as we go through our daily routines not seeing them, hearing them and feeling them. I have always tried to cope with my losses by getting another pet, or two, to love anew and it does help but they take up a new space in our hearts while the old spaces are still  filled with sadness until time eases the ache and we are


The Lake Roger likes to take his boat to.  Colors, they are achanging around here. A time to clean up and close up. I am at home in PA  and  looking around me I can see lots of work ahead of me (Roger). It's a pretty day out there. A coolness in the air that is most welcome after the heat and humidity of last week.  Hubby is working with my son for most of this month in his Pool business to get over a hundred swimming pools winterized. Yesterday we took some time to enjoy the changes in the Poconos. We took the dogs with us and gave them a walk around the lake.  Before I let go of Summer here on the blog I want to include some pictures taken in Maine when my daughter and grandson visited with Mom and I on the Island. (I like to record the high lights of my "Ordinary Life" here since it's easier then looking back through a thousand photos in my web albums.) They stayed in "the camper" or what I used to call my nest back when my dad was st