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  Hello lovely friends! Today’s post is inspired by Monet’s series of paintings, Water Lilies. I read in my Daily Bread this morning that he ‘created them to depict the serenity of the flowers in his backyard pond to give viewers “an asylum of peaceful meditation”…after the ravages of WWI.’ (The reading went on to talk about Paul in Ephesians 2.) Water lilies! How pretty they are!  That led me to change my wallpaper and search through my photos for water lilies and pond scenes depicting peace and serenity. Sadly there was a definite dearth of said photos. These are them. (Lots of peaceful ocean scenes in my archives though.) It went on to say that while he was painting the series he seldom felt at peace. Wind blew his canvases away and road dust settled on the lilies. He stomped on the canvases and cut them up and started over time and again in frustration. He said that he suffered agonies when he painted them. So, the peace we feel when we look at them came at a cost to him. I felt th


I can't remember the name! Dear bloggy friends, hello! I am sitting in my easy chair, with a giant cup of tea. The day is overcast. We’ve had rain. The temps are in the high 50’s F and the birds are singing and chirping, all is peaceful in my little space right now. Roger has gone out to breakfast with  a pal. Buddy and Lucy are sharing my chair as usual so it’s a tight fit. I hear the cat flap so I know that Zeppe is either coming from or going out into the humongous fenced yard/garden that has a bit of everything that might interest him…trees, bird feeders, bushes, shrubs, you get the picture. I don’t have to worry about him. He is our special needs cat. He has one working ear and eye and a twisted jaw all caused by being run into by a car when he was a kitten, before we adopted him from the shelter. Our miracle cat. To look at him you would never know he had disabilities.  Buddy on one side Lucy on the other side of me Zeppe, living in a secure environment  I have been unsettled


  Hello dear friends! 💖 I hope you are well. It’s 19 degrees F here. It was only days ago that the temps hit 70 and silly people had shorts on! Yesterday we had a snow storm with bitter winds to make it feel like we were in Siberia.   Speaking of which, it is unbelievable what Putin is doing in the Ukraine.  Our hearts go out to those people who are not in safe places right now.  If, by chance there is a victim (s) reading this…WHEREVER you are in the world if you are caught up in conflict or war please know that we are thinking of you and we  pray that you have found safe havens. Sitting here drinking my tea, it all seems surreal what is happening elsewhere in the world.  I hope that the rest of us looking on feeling helpless will do whatever we can to support them in whatever ways available to us. I have bought patterns, yarn, and other craft items from Ukraine businesses on Etsy. I don’t expect to hear from them but at least they have money going into their accounts such as PayPal