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  NUBBLE LIGHT  CAPE NEDDICK, MAINE WE NEED TO FEEL BAD BEFORE WE CAN FEEL BETTER It's raining today, it's making inroads in the snow throughout the dog yard where Roger has shoveled pathways all Winter for the dogs. Mysti We are down to one dog now. Our little Chloe (see picture on left sideline) went to doggy heaven in December and Mysti joined her this week. We have Lucy Lucy who is acting lost without Mysti; not eating, staring at me with sad eyes, and searching around the dog yard for her. They were pals in everything. Roger is taking Mysti's loss hard also but time will allow us to move beyond our grief and get on with living. But right now its really like losing a child.  Another happening this week....I was involved in a car accident a couple of days ago when a lady backed out of her driveway in front of me. We were driving down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom so I was not driving very fast. I scraped the whole side of my