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Reading blogs can be hugely inspirational! For instance, one blogger lists each item she buys,  including groceries, thereby bringing up questions to ponder later: Did I really need to buy that? and, Where can I cut back to spend less next month? While I admire her analytical mind, this type of accountability would drive me bonkers and raise my blood pressure to new highs. First of all, I usually have misplaced receipts by the time I remember to look for or need them. And, I may live on a fixed income but I really don't want to acknowledge mentally that I must pinch pennies (dollars).  Fortunately for my husband,  my "gotta haves"  have diminished with age. In fact, I am trying to unload those very belongings I couldn't live without a few years ago.  Mostly due to back issues I no longer shop at mall complexes. No, those days are long gone.  My biggest vice these days is online shopping, especially Amazon. Prime shipping and next day delivery! Most every week


💖 Hello! What's up? Too much thinking and not enough sleeping! It  dawned on me after a few very restless nights of getting hardly any shut eye that if I couldn't figure out how to shut my mind down, empty it, I would end up getting sick from night after night of sleep deprivation. I have had insomnia issues since I retired 15 years ago, but nothing like I have experienced lately. What causes this? Aging and all THAT entails? I think maybe in my case my circumstances are part of the problem. I had a preconceived idea about how my life after work would go. My husband and I had talked about it...a lot! We were married 35 years.  Then he became ill and died at the age of 58. I remarried and retired at the age of 55. but my second husband, Roger, had retired from many years of  army life and had travelled and been stationed  in many countries and states. He has one thing on his Bucket List: to never leave home again. So, in life we sometimes find that the adventures w


WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES Up, down and around. That would just about describe my life lately. And I have to admit I have had a bad case of the blahs. It seems like every day there is a new zhappening here at the homestead. ("zhappening" is a word I coined: my last name begins with the letter "z" plus happening.) I do not think of my self as a jack of all trades nor do I want to be multi talented. After all, I have a husband, right?  Yes, I am talking about the unexpected events that just pop up and throw a monkey wrench into an otherwise peaceful, harmonious existence. Sometimes they can be little things that just plain ruin your day, like a mouse trap that snaps shut on your finger when you are trying to figure out how they work. Or leaving the grocery store,  feel a draft, look down and realize the only buttons done up on your shirt are the top and bottom buttons and you had wondered why the check out cashier guy wouldn't look you in the eye