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FALL 2016 Hi there! Happy Fall! I know that I have  not been around much these past 2 months. The summer just flew by and spending so much time traveling between Pennsylvania and Maine takes a lot out of me. I need time to recuperate from taking care of my parents, mostly my mom, dad's in a nursing home, which  I find exhausting so when I get back to PA I don't do much of anything for about a week. The second and last week I'm home I visit family, do shopping, and spend time with my fur babies and then catch up with social media. I have no internet service on the Island.  We have had lots of wind and rain both here and in Maine. I didn't take a lot of pictures but will show you what I did take on Little Deer Isle because I love our ocean views. Not a lot of excitement here in Bethlehem, looking very drab.  The causeway from Deer Isle to Little Deer Isle.  I stopped in the middle of the causeway to capture some of the Fall colors. Pumpkin Island