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Yesterday I drove up to my daughter's to see them all before I head back to Maine next week. We have had several days of rain and the sky was still very moody. Judi warned me that it was cold up on her Mountain and it had snowed a little but wasn't sticking.  My trip got off to a rocky start when I noticed that my  air pressure in my rear right tire was showing only 25 on my dash info just as I merged into traffic on interstate 78. So, I had to get off to find a garage.  When I left home it was about 55 degrees f. A little cool but not jacket wearing, just long sleeves. What a shock to feel the 35 degree temps with a brisk wind when I arrived. We decided to go to Penn's Peak for lunch because it is near by her house and the view up there  can be spectacular in the Fall. It was pretty but very cold! I didn't spend much time out on the observation deck taking pictures!   Today the sun is shining and at 10am there's a heavy frost on the ground. What a change from a few


  Today as I indulge my laziness I wonder how much time we have left before the trees are completely bare and the last of the white flowering weeds, that Roger allows to grow everywhere, are brown and ugly. Oh, it's too depressing to think about. And then I wonder how much time I have before the weather gets very unpredictable in the higher elevations of New York. I go from that scenario to wondering who will win the e!ection and the unrest in our country that's likely to happen. Get a grip Susan! As we said in our Bible study group yesterday, God is in control. I do believe that with all my heart but it doesn't stem the flow of anxious moments that flicker in and out of my mind. One thing that does bring a smile to my face is going outside to enjoy the lovely mild temps we are having. Our weather was rainy and foggy as I drove over the mountain yesterday. I stay mostly at home because it's my safe place. We do have a lot of corvid cases in the Philly area, only an hour


WE CAN BUT TRY... "Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed."  Get up and get going, Susan! Hello and good morning dear bloggy friends! I am trying to think happy thoughts today. The closer the time comes for me to return to Maine the faster the days disappear from my life here at home. Before long I will be crossing the bridge again to the Island to spend the winter with my aged mother, bless her heart. She is a trouper.   But today is  not the future so I'm trying to concentrate on today. Do you have days like this?    Roger is very busy this time of year working with  my son. He has a swimming pool business, Mark's Pools, LLC. They do everything concerning pools and he is super busy April through November. Roger, who has been working with him Spring, Summer and Fall every year since he retired 10 years ago,  mostly only does openings in the Spring and early Summer and closings, winterizations after Labor


  Welcome! Happy Sunday again. The house above is a B&B a short distance from where we live.  I thought today I would take you on a trip to the Poconos. Yesterday Roger and I took Lucky back up to his house high up on a mountain in the Poconos. My daughter, Judi, did not go to Florida with the rest of her family last week due to health issues. She has  an autoimmune disease that has affected her lungs and other parts of her body. It all started about 8 years ago.  Erick and the boys  will be arriving home tomorrow. Our trip up on the turnpike was made very enjoyable because of the spectacular foliage! Here in Bethlehem we are very blah and our leaves are already dead and falling off the trees. Anyway, we certainly enjoyed our leaf peeping trip!💖 So, we left home, drove through our neighborhood to see if anyone had decorated for Fall, took a few pictures, and drove the hour or so up through the mountains and the Lehigh tunnel. I took most of the pictures from inside the moving car.