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Gaze at these beauties if you need cheering up! A walk in nature could be just what we need to jumpstart our weary souls.   Hello again, happy November! My, the days are flying off the calendar! Soon it will be Thanksgiving. The air this morning is a bit crisp with temps in the 30’s last night. I would love it if Roger decided to cover over our strawberry patch with leaves to insulate them for winter so I could have peace of mind. I have mentioned it, several times.😐 ( I have been diagnosed with degenerative discs in my back so at least I can now put a name to my back miseries.) 😢        Buddy loves this weather as long as it doesn’t rain. He absolutely hates to get his feet wet. He is such a happy dog and has brought a lot of sunshine into our lives. 1st I am knitting him a sweater. My first real garment since I learned to knit. Picture to share when it’s finished.🤗 We’ve had a few nights when we could look up into the heavens to marvel at the beauty of it all. Our night skies are