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  Hello and HAPPY SUNDAY! I hope you are well and surviving the oppressive heat and humidity that has consumed us in such an uncomfortable way in the northern hemisphere. I guess we complain  about the heat and bugs every year but, of all the seasons, I really struggle with Summer. I love the beauty of it but it really does something to the chemistry in my brain because I find myself hibernating and wishing for Fall…and less light and sunshine. Weird but true. I think there’s a syndrome regarding my unease but I really haven’t researched it. Anyway, today it’s hovering yet again around 98 degrees with no rain in sight. I feel for our local farmers. Roger has signed a contract to have our central heating replaced some weeks ago but the crew won’t be here until August. So, right now our upstairs is as hot as the outside. Thankfully, our downstairs is still being cooled. The problem with a large rambling 4000 sq foot house 🏡 is it’s a bugger to keep heated and cooled. Of course, another

Summer Flowers

 Hello dear readers! The above photo is lovely…I did not take it. It reminded me of how our cardinals and deer enjoy our blueberries from our one bush every year before we think to check if they are ripe. I hope you are well. It’s hot here, very humid, a typical summer for us in eastern Pennsylvania.I have a love hate relationship with Summer. I mostly stay inside but do venture out with the dogs most every day, late afternoon, to sit under the shade trees and knit or read. Speaking of which I just finished a great read.  Today my post is all about flowers and houses on the Island. Long time readers will know what I am talking about. I took these in June when I was there with daughter and grandsons. We were there for 2 weeks to work on the OLD HOMESTEAD but since my daughter rarely travels these days we tried to sight-see as much as possible. June is Lupine Festival time on Deer Isle in Maine. They are everywhere. However, there’s another wild growing flower that is also beautiful, esp


 Hello, dear readers. Thank you for your comments about my photos of Maine. I am afraid I have more of the same today. Today is Sunday and it’s another hot day in the 90’s here in Bethlehem, PA. Last night and the night before fireworks went off way into the night. Well, until midnight anyway. How my life has changed…Not too long ago we would be over on “lookout mountain” watching them down below regardless of the humidity and bugs.  My days here are all the same. Staying in with the exception of walking Lucy around the property in late afternoon. Roger takes Buddy on a longer walk around the neighborhood twice a day unless the pavement is too hot for his paws. I am still practicing on my knitting and still making mistakes and ripping out. I do know how to correct most of them but after the upteenth time I start over with a different color yarn. I may some day actually finish the hat but I am determined that it be perfect, haha. Who am I kidding. But, I am persistent if nothing else.