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"Sunsets are the opening music of the night."  "Sunsets are so marvelous that even the sun itself watches them in the reflection of the infinite ocean." "When the sun is setting leave whatever you are doing and watch it." Quotes by Mehmet Murat ildan I love photographing sunsets on the Island of my childhood, Deer Isle, Maine. Particularly in the village of Sunset! My dad was born and brought up in that village and lived a stone's throw from Sylvester's Cove where I take most of my sunset pictures because it's wide open ocean there. Nothing between me and my subject. The first photo was taken just at dusk while driving and stopping to capture what the inhabitants of this house in Pressey Village enjoy routinely in the Summer months. I am looking forward to capturing more sunsets in and around the small seaside hamlets, coves and villages and photographing them when I return to my beloved Islan


THE NEW JERSEY SHORE Roger and I live about 2 hours from Sandy Hook, N.J. in the northern tip and about 3 hours or less from Cape May, N.J., on the southern tip. We almost never visit anything in between. We try and go in the Spring and in the Fall. That way we pretty much have the beach to ourselves.  The park (GATEWAY NATIONAL PARK) doesn't officially open until Memorial Day and closes Labor Day. There's a $15 fee when the park is open to cover parking. Believe me when I say that the park is filled to capacity in season.  However, we go on a warm April day-we do have them in April!-and just soak all that beauty and try to absorb as much as possible ocean goodness before we have to head back inland to Pennsylvania. We usually go for just the day. We leave home early and load up the car with chairs, jackets, a cooler and my camera. Roger likes to sit on the beach and gaze out to sea. There's the skyline of Manhattan in the distance to the left and barges