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Random photos from my albums. A Day after returning home from the Island and after my being excused from grand jury duty, I had a very painful accident on the patio off from our kitchen.  It was dusk and I was coming back from the clothes line when I tripped over the iron rod that holds the bricks in place. Through the years the ground has settled and now the rod protrudes above the bricks instead of even with them. I  was walking briskly one moment and the next thing I knew I was in horrible pain lying in a heap on the bricks. I cried out to my husband after the shock wore off and he came running. Getting me up off the bricks proved to be a problem since I am no skinny minny. My right arm felt broken at the elbow, I landed on my right side so my neck, shoulder, and leg were badly bruised. I tried to break my fall with my arm so I wouldn't hit my head.  Five days later my elbow and shoulder still hurt like crazy and I am wondering if I will be able to drive back up to Maine
  ROUGH SEAS AND LOW TIDE WELL'S BEACH, ME A Brant goose Mr and Mrs    On my way back to Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) from the Island (Maine) the other day I stopped in Wells, Maine for something to eat and a break. I went down on the waterfront, parked in the lot overlooking the beach from a higher elevation. I was admiring the wave action when I spied what looked like a goose way down by the edge of the water. Now, I have always thought that geese were not salt water birds. I used my telephoto lens and although the day was rainy and overcast and foggy I managed to get a few decent shots so I could look in my bird guide book after I returned home. Evidently these were sea geese or Brants.         Low Tide at Wells Beach       SEARSPORT, MAINE Before getting to Wells, though, I decided to stop in Searsport to do some photographing of the old sea captain houses along Route one. I drive through Searsport everytime I return from Maine but don&