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  Honoring and remembering Hello dear ones! I hope you are all doing fine out there in bloggy land!💖 And thank you for reading and commenting. I truly do appreciate you all. I read your blogs and comment also but, strangely, I feel quite tongue-tied most of the time when doing so and admire those of you who can express yourselves so much better. The heart is overflowing but the brain is reticent. I have been so busy lately that I have surprised myself. For weeks I have been struggling with low level depression and apathy. I have been in Maine too long. I need to go home but, of course, I am needed here. I sometimes wish I had a sister to share Mom's care with. I love her to bits but she has an irrational fear of leaving this island and this house and strangers taking care of her and a long list of other anxieties.  I have tried to self help by forcing myself out of my normal routine. I took up a new hobby and I forced myself, quite against my will, to finish some crochet projects


  Hello bloggy friends! I hope you are all well and are enjoying some happy days of Spring. The picture above was one my daughter sent me from North Carolina where they are vacationing. It was taken from the upper deck of the house they are renting in the mountains. I could sit and look at that view for hours! Or, with my book or craft project for company. It certainly would be a change from staring at the ocean.  Today is Tuesday the 11th. It is afternoon and it’s raining. I’ve had a rather busy week since I last talked to you, aside from my usual routine here on the Island. We’ve had lovely weather, temps in the 60’s. Our handyman cut our grass for the first time.  I finally was able to get Mom out of the house after being in for 7 months. We saw her doctor and she had some blood work done. He was happy with her results and I know she felt relieved. And, he was able to convince her that she needed to have a Covid-19 vaccine and suggested I stop at Walgreens pharmacy on our way home t


 Hello dear bloggy friends.  Overcast today, expecting rain. Yesterday our temps reached 72 degrees! I'm happy to report that we have yellows and whites blooming. Lots of forsythia AND dandelions. Truth be known, I am lacking in motivation. I am feeling very blah. Not feeling very well to be honest. There are jobs outside that need doing but I  appear to be apathetic about everything. I have felt like this before.  I am getting very homesick.  Mom goes to see her doctor tomorrow. She hasn't budged from the house in 7 months. I hope he will tell her to get vaccinated. There is a clinic in Ellsworth so he will probably tell me to schedule there and she will refuse. If he would do the deed there in his office I know she would agree.  And then on the 18th she has an appointment with her eye doctor. Maybe by the middle of June I will be home. I hope so. 💛 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢 I did sit and finish a wip that's been in my crochet basket forever. The wall hanging I did some years ago, i