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MOSTLY MAINE Happy Monday, the last day of August!  It's been a very HOT month here in Pennsylvania. I have been mostly inside doing what I love to do (reading, crocheting and watching dvds), hanging out with my best buds, Lucy and Dolly. They, like me, are a lazy lot. Zeppy, #4 cat, loves being outside in the heat but not too far away; stays close enough so he can let me know if he starts to bake.  Dolly spends a lot of time staring out the windows trying to see our resident groundhog who comes out to eat several times a day. She barks and he or she stands up trying to see just how much of a danger she is posing. Dolly goes wild.  I have been very lazy about posting about my trip to Maine that I took the first 2 weeks of August. My dad had a bad fall and I left to go up a week before I intended. I spent a lot of time helping my mom take care of him and I also cleaned, cooked and ran errands. It was soooo hot up there on the Island without air conditionin