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  The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. (Helen Keller) Hello lovely people, how are you? Mom and I are fine. We are cozy and warm, staying inside on a very cold day, Living a VERY simple life. 19 F, for us, here on the coast of Maine. I love this little illustration... The wind is whistling through my window even though it is cranked shut, but not locked so it's not tight. I actually like that sound. I can hear yet another red squirrel upstairs (I do not like that sound) and I am hoping he goes into the trap I set for him. The new trap I brought with me from home is great, so easy to use, just a flip of the handle. I have caught 3 of the little buggers in the past week. There must be  a hole somewhere with a sign that says "enter here". The joys of living in a very old house. 😑 Well, here is a better capture -I threw out some apples. My aim is very bad and they didn't go very far from the de


❤“Our happiness level is the result of a complex interaction of genes, behaviors and life circumstances. A big part of how we feel is under our control, meaning the way you spend your time and the thoughts you allow really impact your mood and long term happiness.” (Onyama) Hi there! Have you had a good week? Mom and I are well but we are getting pretty tired of the same old thing day in and day out. I admit to having a lethargy that’s hard to shake. My mind tells me to get myself in gear but my body just isn’t listening. Maybe it’s just FEBRUARY that’s the problem. It’s known for being blah. I think I have a handle on keeping my head above water aka above the depression line. My whole family, on my mother’s side,  is afflicted with DEPRESSION. It is genetic and comes from my grandfather’s side. Back in the day before there were medications and understanding that it is a disease, several relatives succumbed to it by taking their own lives. Of course, depression, to a certain degree, co


 Hi there! I hope this post finds you well and reasonably content. I know that “content” for a lot of us is a stretch but we are trying to put on a brave face in the midst of despairing times. Hopefully things will get better soon. Today was sunny but cold, about 20 degrees F not counting the wind chill. I was a bit restless so I decided to go out and about on the Island to take a few pictures to include in this post. Our snow accumulations have been minimal lately but I dare not say that out loud! I wondered if our local lighthouse on Pumpkin Island was dressed in white so I headed there first. It’s about a mile away, located at the end of Eggemoggin Road. It was not the snowy scene I had hoped for but I snapped a few photos anyway. I then turned around and headed across the causeway and down the Island to Pressey Village and to Sylvester’s Cove. About 6 miles away. The Deer Isle yacht club is there.  I sometimes couldn’t see what I was photographing due to the sun’s position in regar


  Hello and happy Sunday to you! It's a dreary day here. We are supposed to get some sort of weather pattern come through. 100% but so far nothing is happening. And that really sums up my life right now. Nothing is happening. And maybe that's a good thing! I certainly don't want the wrong kind of excitement. How about you? I read your posts and envy how you seem to be able to pull wonderful pictures and thoughts out of nothingness that surrounds most of us these days. That didn't sound like a compliment but it is.💖 We've had some windy days and when I feel the need to get a heavy dose of vitamin sea I head to the shore and breathe deep. I  become mesmerized by the rolling action of the endless waves coming closer and closer as I move right down to a foot length away, daring the cold water to wash over my wellies. I love when the tide is coming in. And I think about how in a few years, if the powers that be have their way, wind turbines will be interrupting the raw