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Maine Lighthouses And Coastal Ripples Hello There!  Portland Head Light Portland, Maine Maine's most popular and most photographed lighthouse in the country. It was commissioned  by George Washington. My sister-in-law, Jean, has a wonderful hobby: Photography. She is SO good 👍 at it! Through the years She has perfected both her skill and her knowledge of cameras, lens, etc.  A little while ago I asked her if she had any pictures of lighthouses in the Portland area. She was kind enough to allow me to use some of her images. Ram Light Off Portland head. It has a 72 foot granite tower. Spring Ledge Light Easily accessible by the granite  breakwater and visited by people from all over the World. It, like Portland Head, is a working Light House. Bug Light Cape Elizabeth Twin Lights I do have a favorite working lighthouse. It's located a little further down the coast from Portland close to the New H