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  Hello again! I hope you and those you love are well and reasonably content, even happy! However, I realize that may not be the case for many. Just because some love the season and all that it entails doesn’t mean that if you don’t feel that joy you need to feel guilty or you should beat yourself up over those feelings that you have. There may be reasons why Christmas is not a happy time for you. Whatever the reason it is valid and okay to feel the way you do. I remember times gone by when the death of loved ones made it impossible for me to enjoy December for several years in a row. There may be obligations and expectations that ruin it for you. Not all families enjoy each other’s company. The reasons are many. It’s okay to feel the way you do. You are not alone.❤️ I am still coughing and feeling under the weather. I’m not sure getting together with family for Christmas Day is going to happen. We shall see. One can hope and pray.  Himself, aka Roger, is out of the house and I really


So cute! Hello lovely readers! As usual my blog is a bit of a mish mash but here goes anyway. I am still fighting bronchitis. It keeps me humble that’s for sure. Himself, aka Roger, is  a bit poorly. He just has a cold I think and a bad cough. He goes out and about even though I try to get him to stay at home and work on his puzzles. We spend our time in our pjs trying to get with the program of wrapping, etc but mainly we just listen to each other coughing. I spend my days either in bed or in my easy chair reading or sleeping. As Sod’s law would have it, my easy chair, electric, died yesterday. We had a wild storm, the power went out and my chair gave up the ghost. LUCYBELLE and I will miss it. When I am able I will have to shop for a replacement. Life goes on, and all things considered, I am grateful for all our blessings. My daughter calls almost daily, bless her, and sends us homeopathic meds in the mail. As for me I have found that red wine helps. This, too, shall pass. What shall


CHRISTMAS CACTUS  Hello lovely friends everywhere! I love this illustration! It’s such a cozy scene if a bit confusing to look at with the green in the background and snow in the fore ground. We do not have snow. Maybe by Christmas. Here in Eastern PA we usually get our first snow later in the season, in January.  JOSHUA Our youngest grandchild is 14 today. This is a picture from 7 years ago. How fast they grow! He is a sweetheart still, though. Still shy, still loves putting things together. Since I am recovering from bronchitis we will not be celebrating his birthday together. After missing the last 5 years of his birthday I was looking forward to this year. He had requested dining at a Japanese restaurant. Roger sent his card and video game priority mail since in their area of the Pocono Mountains mail delivery is truly snail delivery! Hopefully a family Christmas will be possible.  I am slowly getting the tree decorated and Roger has put up wreaths and brought up more decorations f


  Hello lovely people everywhere!  I hope that you are all well and reasonably happy at this time of the year. The biggest joy being the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior!  You who visit me might wonder where I disappeared to. Well, a number of reasons.  I have been unwell since coming home from Maine. Really not my no nonsense self. I laughingly refer to it in one of my blogs as trying to find myself again after being mostly absent for 5 years. In Maine we would describe it as trying to find our sea legs again. A popular catch phrase meaning trying to find balance, a feeling of eptitude or getting rid of motion sickness. If I’m truthful with you I found my biggest challenge was finding my comfort zone here at home. Roger was so used to having complete control here at home and living by himself that for quite awhile I felt like a visitor trying to blend in and not make waves.  For the past 10 days I have had the cold from hell.  I am slowly improving but my lungs are stil