Monday, December 20, 2021



Hello again! I hope you and those you love are well and reasonably content, even happy! However, I realize that may not be the case for many. Just because some love the season and all that it entails doesn’t mean that if you don’t feel that joy you need to feel guilty or you should beat yourself up over those feelings that you have. There may be reasons why Christmas is not a happy time for you. Whatever the reason it is valid and okay to feel the way you do. I remember times gone by when the death of loved ones made it impossible for me to enjoy December for several years in a row. There may be obligations and expectations that ruin it for you. Not all families enjoy each other’s company. The reasons are many. It’s okay to feel the way you do. You are not alone.❤️

I am still coughing and feeling under the weather. I’m not sure getting together with family for Christmas Day is going to happen. We shall see. One can hope and pray. 

Himself, aka Roger, is out of the house and I really should be wrapping his gifts. Yesterday was my monthly eye injection. The first time using my car since the last appt at Will's Eye Institute. It would not start! We ended up going in Roger's old jeep. Later my Impala was towed to the dealership. We just paid the last payment on it this month. So, now I have a dead electric chair and a dead car.πŸ™ƒ

 THE GOOD NEWS IS…we are not under the restrictions we had last year at this time!! I wish you all a blessed Christmas and beyond! Much bloggy love...πŸ’•

I finally finished the tree and am happy about how it looks in the evening with the lights shining. 🌟

Tuesday, December 14, 2021


So cute!

Hello lovely readers! As usual my blog is a bit of a mish mash but here goes anyway. I am still fighting bronchitis. It keeps me humble that’s for sure. Himself, aka Roger, is  a bit poorly. He just has a cold I think and a bad cough. He goes out and about even though I try to get him to stay at home and work on his puzzles. We spend our time in our pjs trying to get with the program of wrapping, etc but mainly we just listen to each other coughing. I spend my days either in bed or in my easy chair reading or sleeping. As Sod’s law would have it, my easy chair, electric, died yesterday. We had a wild storm, the power went out and my chair gave up the ghost. LUCYBELLE and I will miss it. When I am able I will have to shop for a replacement. Life goes on, and all things considered, I am grateful for all our blessings. My daughter calls almost daily, bless her, and sends us homeopathic meds in the mail. As for me I have found that red wine helps. This, too, shall pass.

What shall we have for supper? Well, Himself signed us up for a Christmas meal put on by the Lions Club for a donation. It was delivered yesterday and it was lovely. The best meal we have had in weeks. We have been living on Lean Cousine. I’m so thankful for organizations that give their time and resources to show love and good will to those of us who are going through a rough patch or who are aged and shut in. God bless them richly! (I have no idea why the font has changed all of a sudden, was it something I did?)

I have finally finished putting the balls on the tree. This is as good as it’s going to get this year. Presents are stacked up on the dining room table as they are delivered and Himself wraps them as the mood strikes him. He is a no frills kind of a wrapper. Paper and tape and he writes the name of the recipient somewhere on the wrapping paper. Does it matter? I think not. It reflects our mood. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. The grandsons give me a list of what they want, really want, and Grammy goes cyber shopping. I order what I want Roger to give me and he wraps it. I learned early on in our marriage that if I didn’t want deodorant, toothpaste, pillow covers or strange shoes that were on sale but not in my size, I  would have to shop but he was allowed to wrap. Even his wrapping gets creative. One year I received all my presents wrapped in grocery store bags and duck tape. He’s a real character, this hubby of mine. I decided his name doesn’t really define his personality so I started calling him “Himself”. He does life his way…but in a lovable sort of way…most of the time.πŸ₯΄

So, I guess I will go downstairs, take my meds, and start this day. It’s almost noon but I didn’t get much sleep last night, I guess I napped to much yesterday. I hope you are doing well and I will chat with you again soon. πŸ’•

Lucy wishes you 
Peace and Joy!


Thursday, December 9, 2021



Hello lovely friends everywhere! I love this illustration! It’s such a cozy scene if a bit confusing to look at with the green in the background and snow in the fore ground. We do not have snow. Maybe by Christmas. Here in Eastern PA we usually get our first snow later in the season, in January. 


Our youngest grandchild is 14 today. This is a picture from 7 years ago. How fast they grow! He is a sweetheart still, though. Still shy, still loves putting things together. Since I am recovering from bronchitis we will not be celebrating his birthday together. After missing the last 5 years of his birthday I was looking forward to this year. He had requested dining at a Japanese restaurant. Roger sent his card and video game priority mail since in their area of the Pocono Mountains mail delivery is truly snail delivery! Hopefully a family Christmas will be possible. 

I am slowly getting the tree decorated and Roger has put up wreaths and brought up more decorations from the basement. Boxes are piling up from Amazon deliveries. Wrapping them at the moment will have to wait. I don’t have much energy but each day I feel better. Thank goodness for online shopping! What did we do without it? Our local supermarket hasn’t had our cat, Zeppe’s, favorite cat food lately so I ordered a case of it from CHEWY.COM. Two day delivery and free shipping. Roger buys a lot locally but as I get older I rely on being able to shop via computer for a lot of things. Having said that…when I am well…Walmart and Home Depot gets a lot of our money. I do believe in supporting local businesses. We really don’t have the little shops that specialize near us.  

I haven’t been outside lately but that hasn’t stopped me from photographing what’s going on outside!


Check this out…

I am currently reading and listening, for free, on KINDLE UNLIMITED and AUDIBLE (AMAZON) “the keeper of happy endings” by Barbara Davis.  AND…AGATHA CHRISTIE’S “The Sittaford Mystery. For a cozy read you really can’t beat good ole Agatha. You know, for $10 a month subscription, 100’s of books and audible are available for your reading and listening pleasure. A bargain if you’re interested in keeping costs of books down when you read several a week like I do. I suffer from insomnia so I am very thankful for my tablet and iPad and Kindle Unlimited.

Little LUCYBELLE was groomed this week and now she is feeling like a plush toy. Roger gifted her with a new toy to throw in the air and pounce on. She still has a bit of the puppy in her. Here she’s giving me her foxy look. 

AN ASIDE…I am enjoying a new CHAI TEA this week called APPLE PIE. YUM! Are there any Chai drinkers out there? 

AND, LASTLY…WHAT ARE YOU DOING in your spare time…as in hobbies, projects, etc.? I am crocheting shawls. It seems that in the knitting and crochet community there is a phenomena called “SHAWLOGRAPHY”. I watch a lot of podcasts on YOUTUBE. I can listen and watch while crocheting and when you are feeling miserable that’s about all you are good for. It beats laying around feeling sorry for yourself.  I have a stack of them piling up. Some are worn around the neck with a winter coat and some are larger, worn around the shoulders keeping the chill off if you live in an old drafty house like I do. I am going to give them away as gifts. I bought a bunch of luscious organic skeins from the coastal yarn shop while on my trip to Winter Harbor in Maine, while I was there in July, called SHIRLEYS YARNS AND CRAFTS. I didn’t have a project in mind when I bought them so naturally I only bought one skein of each color, 12 colors. I have had to reorder. They kindly paid the shipping coast of $12.50. Lovely. I will include pictures next time. 

Take good care of yourselves, 


Saturday, December 4, 2021



Hello lovely people everywhere! 

I hope that you are all well and reasonably happy at this time of the year. The biggest joy being the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior! 

You who visit me might wonder where I disappeared to. Well, a number of reasons.  I have been unwell since coming home from Maine. Really not my no nonsense self. I laughingly refer to it in one of my blogs as trying to find myself again after being mostly absent for 5 years. In Maine we would describe it as trying to find our sea legs again. A popular catch phrase meaning trying to find balance, a feeling of eptitude or getting rid of motion sickness.

If I’m truthful with you I found my biggest challenge was finding my comfort zone here at home. Roger was so used to having complete control here at home and living by himself that for quite awhile I felt like a visitor trying to blend in and not make waves. 

For the past 10 days I have had the cold from hell.  I am slowly improving but my lungs are still congested and there’s a lot of fatigue and coughing involved. It completely ruined the family Thanksgiving day. Now Roger is infected and he has scheduled to be tested for Covid. We both have been vaccinated but not had the booster. He is apprehensive because my daughter’s brother in law has just died from Covid. He was working for the government in the Philippines repairing helicopters. He had refused the vaccine. I wonder how he was allowed to fly and  subcontract for the government without being vaccinated. Anyway, it’s a tragedy. He leaves a 25 yr old son and a wife who suffers from mental illness. She has been waiting for a bed to become available in a mental hospital in Florida for 4 months which she has spent in jail because she refuses to take her medication and became combative towards a policeman. It all started when she took her husband’s  passport so he wouldn’t go to the Philippines. Evidently he was at the airport when he discovered it missing. He missed his flight and had her arrested for theft. He refused to drop the charges. She became combative when the police tried to take her in. And  while in jail she refused to take her medicine. He had her declared incompetent and she has been in jail ever since. The whole saga is incredibly sad. The families have all taken sides but I can’t help but feel sorry for her.  It feels like an injustice has been done to a mentally ill person. Of course, it’s none of my business and I am glad I live in PA. I only have to listen to the ranting of the mother in law on the phone condoning the actions of her son who, sadly, has passed away from Covid. Oh, dear, what a world we live in.

Fortunately for us we have the tree already up since Roger took the ornaments off but decided to leave the tree up all year and uses it for a night light. I must say it does add a lovely cozy feeling of contentment when viewing it on these early evenings. We bought it new last year and it is lovely with lights and pine cones. Rather than dig through decorations in the basement I ordered blue and white ornaments from Amazon. They match the blue in the sofa and in the sea coast  paintings on the walls.

Speaking of sofa…as you know I had it reupholstered because I loved the old sofa and couldn’t bear to part with it. It arrived back home just before Thanksgiving. 

The colors, blue and cream, are a bit brighter than shown. Roger doesn’t like it but I am hoping he will come round. It is a bit on the wild side compared to the blahness of the old fabric covering. It really ties the colors of the decor together. I love it. 

I will include a picture of the oldsters…

Lucy and Zeppe are never far from where I am. Zeppe, if you remember, has one working eye and ear and mouth is twisted due to an accident when he was a kitten. He is about 12 we think. We adopted him when he was an adult. Lucy is about the same age but we adopted her as a puppy.  My buddies.❤️

Nika spends a lot of time in the boiler room where it’s nice and warm. She likes to be in Roger’s chair with him in the evenings. She has a habit of getting underfoot and I had a bad fall trying to avoid walking on her. I now look down and around to see where she is. At 16 years old there’s not much to her, she’s light as a feather. 

Before I close I must include burning bush pictures from a couple of weeks ago. They are colorful but a little beaten up by the wind and rain. Still lovely to look at. We’ve had cold nights and snow showers but our days have been in the 50’s for the most part. 

I will try to post more often. December is such a happy month for us. Oldest granddaughter turns 23 tomorrow. πŸ’•She is teaching high school English, fresh out of college. And, youngest grandson turns 14 on the 10th. πŸ’•

Talk to you soon!

Be sure to take good care of yourselves!




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