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  Hello dear bloggy friends! I hope you are well. It's another beautiful day here. It's been awhile since I last popped in to chat with you all. I thank you for your condolences regarding the death of my dear mother. So kind and heart warming of you to reach out to me at this difficult time and I do so appreciate it. I have been reading your lovely blogs and they add sunshine to my days. However, in some cases, I am experiencing the same old problem of being unable to post comments on your blogs. It’s frustrating but please know that I do read and enjoy your bloggy friendship.❤️ I am trying to work my way through the process of settling the estate. I sometimes wish I could speed it all up so I can head home to Pennsylvania, but  in the meantime I am sorting and weeding out, tossing and cleaning through many years of life accumulation here at the homestead. My mother was a saver of everything, even if it was broken in some cases, and what to do with it all is now left up to me.


  Hello bloggy friends. I hope you are all well and happy out there in the world. It’s beautiful here in Maine on Little Deer Isle. The LUPINES are everywhere as are the LILACS. They all just grow wild and free wherever they are allowed. Windows and doors are open, cottages are being opened  up for the Summer, boats are launched, and the lobster fishermen have set out their traps. What a lovely time of year.      Remembering Mom On Memorial Day my dear mother changed her earthly address for a heavenly one. Last week she suffered a massive stroke on Thursday. A day that will be etched in my memory forever. And, I will miss her, I DO miss her. She was a dear sweet woman with a core of iron…under a veneer of fragility. And, like this last red rose that my brother gave her, she could not live forever here on earth but she is certainly blooming in Paradise with her beloved husband and other loved ones. Her favorite Psalm was 100. And her favorite hymn was IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. ❤️ She was