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  Hi there bloggy friends! ❤️ It’s Saturday 5PM. A cold damp day, 38 degrees F. We celebrated our son-in-law, Erick’s, 50th birthday today at a local restaurant. I can just about remember turning 50. Can you? The reason I remember it is because it was 2000. Y2K. And my birthday was 4 days into the new year. I didn’t know it at the time but a few months later my husband, Doug, would be diagnosed with brain cancer, and later my daughter would get married and our son and wife would give us our first grandchild. A year to never forget. If you like traveling down memory lane, how about reading the blog called WEAVER OF GRASS. I loved the comments section also.  In todays post she asks if we remember our first kiss…our first “grown up” kiss. I don’t and I know I should. It’s not that I was kissed by so many it’s just that it must not have been that memorable I guess. I do remember my girlfriend arranging a double blind date. It was the summer we graduated high school. We went to a drive in m

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