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I had every intention of posting before now! I am still on the Island and won't be leaving for my home in Bethlehem, PA until the end of January.. maybe. We've had lots of wind, a little snow and frigid temperatures. I chose the coldest day, 14 degrees F, to do a pharmacy run. My car was in the garage and the door would NOT go up. I wondered if it was frozen so I stupidly tried the other door to see if they were, and, it went up BUT wouldn't go down. So, I had the door I needed stuck down and the door I didn't need stuck up! The wind was howling through our huge 3 bay garage, I was freezing and I didn't know what to do. That's the problem living on an Island, no services such as garage door repairs within 65 miles. I went into the house to warm up and put my thinking cap (more like dunce cap, lol) on. I eventually called my cousin, Tony, who has a plumbing business. He was off island but came to help eventually. He had no trouble putting the stuck up door down


I zoomed in to get this photo. Hello there! It's a bright, sunny day here on the coast of Maine. There's not a lot going on in my everyday mundane sort of life but I do get excited about the beauty around me.  Today we are expecting snow later on in the evening and all day tomorrow. We'll see. It's cold, 25 degrees F. I will be moving my car into the garage and then get to work on some crocheting for Christmas gifts. I just had a new book of Mandala patterns arrive in the mail and I have a bag of cotton yarn I bought a while ago for something else but that has never stopped me from going rogue.😏 These photos were taken the day after Thanksgiving when I decided I needed some fresh air. And fresh it was: very windy and extremely cold. When I went down to our shore even the seaweed was frozen. I hope you enjoy my photos. I took them in our little cove with the exception of the lighthouse and causeway which are about a mile away. We may live on an island but we are a